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 Post Posted: Mon May 02, 2005 5:32 pm    Post subject: RPG Rules
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If you're interested in joining and playing in this RPG, you'll need to know the rules. Please read them, then continue with the registration process once you have agreed to the rules.

1. Respect your fellow forummers.

2.In personal comabt, you may only kill or capture a character after contacting the Character Mortality/Abduction Council ( Click here for more information). Maiming a character is always prohibited, except with mutal consent.

3. All assets are tracked by the Battlemaster. You may only employ those assets assigned to your faction. Creating new assets is strictly prohibited.

4. While cursing is allowed, use of the word frak (outside of this demonstration), racial or religious epithets, or sexual swear words are prohibited.

5. The Gamemaster's decisions are final, and are as good as the rules in this thread.

6. When roleplaying matters of a more intimate nature, keep in mind this isn't an erotica forum.

7. Posting images of a lewd, pornographic, disturbing, or offensive nature is prohibted.

8. All movements of ships, armies, and personnel are to be PMed to the Battlemaster, or the movement is invalid.

9. Don't use asterisks to denote actions. For example, it's "I shot the sheriff," rather than "*shoots sheriff*."

10. Younger members: This RPG is rated around PG-13, but individual instances exceeding that are permitted (in some cases). Please be advised.

11. You may have up to five characters, but you must differentiate between them in posts. For Imperial, Rebel, and Naboo players, inserting that character's insignia above the text concerning them in is the preferred method. For civilians, or Wookiees and Gungans, different colored text (except cyan and yellow) may be used.

12. Cyan text is for strategic notes, such as The Millennium Falcon is at Fondor. Yellow is for Out Of Character comments.

13. You will follow these rules and any others that are made in the future.

14. Threads represent locations. As a result, please name your threads for the location they represent.

15. Factions may not capture a planet in a single post. Nor can negotiations consist of a single post. Also, a faction cannot capture more than a total of two planets per day.

16. If you have a dispute with another player, do not fill up RPG threads with OOC bickering. Solve it by PM. As of 7-24, all OOC posts of this nature will be deleted on sight.

Yes, I agree to the above rules and wish to proceed

No, I do not agree.


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