Dissolution of Treaty
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 Post Posted: Mon Jun 19, 2006 10:21 pm    Post subject: Dissolution of Treaty
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Citizens of the Galaxy, I stand before you now bearing a heavy burden. Words I prayed I would never have to say are being said now. The treaty between the Empire and Alliance that has kept the Galaxy at peace for a year has been strained too far.

Recent events have stirred both sides into a frenzy, and the knowledge of a conspiracy in the Imperial ranks aimed at eliminating Nevin Antilles has not helped matters. In a rigged trial, they sentenced him to death. However, his release was almost secured when a brazen assault on the compound where he was held was executed. Numerous guards, assigned to protect Antilles from his enemies, were gunned down by his friends. This is where the line is crossed from activism to an act of war.

The Alliance has betrayed us. We give them money, ships, equipment, and one of our own even risked her life to help them reorganize their military. We have been repaid in bloodshed and deceit. Even as they smiled to our faces, they slowly twisted the knife in our backs. They would come to us as friends, asking for help or offering it, but now we see that those in charge don’t care for peace, and merely wish to continue on with some dream of conquest while covering it up as liberation. Do not be fooled, they don’t care about the Republic, for the Empire is the Republic, only reformed from a corrupt gaggle of Senators and businessmen and renamed. They wish to restore to the Galaxy that which allowed corporations to rule over entire systems and peoples. The same Republic that allowed the massacres on Naboo by the Trade Federation. And ironic, since their security chief is closely allied with the Geonosians and has brought back many of the Confederacy’s designs to plague the Galaxy. They are not liberators.

However, I do not speak for everyone in the Alliance. Despite warmongers such as Victorinox or Solo, there are others who realize a war would devastate the Galaxy as we know it. The Chief of State, for example, should know the importance of never letting the killing resume. This whole Galaxy should, but there are those who simply do not care. As long as it’s not their child getting killed, not their home destroyed, they’d gladly go on pretending to be heroes and champions of democracy.

I have seen war, up close and personal. As an infiltration agent during the war, I usually looked into the eyes of those I killed as they slipped the surly bonds of this Galaxy. It’s a sight that will haunt me for the rest of my days. And, despite the egregious crimes against the Empire committed, I will do my best to ensure my children, the first of which is yet to be born for another few weeks, never have to do the terrible things that their parents had to.

People of the Galaxy, I look to you now. The Empire was a cruel, vicious, and even evil force in the past. We cannot deny that nor can we hide from it. But, we have changed. But now it seems the Alliance itself, sworn to defeat that tyranny has filled the gap. Through the actions of mainly midlevel, and highly corrupt officers, the Galaxy inches closer and closer to war as they garrison themselves in fortress worlds or create legions of personal minions. Bounty Hunter’s Guild, anyone? And yet the freedom-loving Alliance allows such crimes to continue! Or take what happened on Manaan! I submit that Alliance is becoming the Empire of old, using oppression and underhanded maneuvers to further their aims. And yet, whenever the Empire should make a move of any sort, good or bad, we are continuously reminded of how evil we supposedly are and how grand and perfect the Alliance and especially their disgusting Jedi Order is, led by Clone Wars-era traitors who care more about their own powerbase and jockeying for idiotic titles like “Grand Master” than protecting anyone. The Jedi are a political entity, just as they were in the Clone Wars. And I hope, for the sake of my former allies and newfound friends, that the Alliance realizes this before the Jedi attempt to dispose of them like they tried so many years ago in a Coruscant apartment.

I must apologize for my tone. I do not mean to be offensive or caustic; however, the sting of betrayal is not easily pushed aside. We trusted in the Alliance, we believed in them, we did everything we could for them. We even sent them one of our first Akula-class vessels. And they betrayed us on our own capital. How can we ever trust them again?

And so, ladies, gentlemen, and beings of other genders, it is with a sad and heavy heart that I must dissolve the Tatooine Accords, and end the era of friendship between the Galactic Empire and Galactic Alliance. May the gods have mercy on all of our souls.

However, I must stress one thing: this is not a declaration of war, but of non-alliance. Madame Organa Solo, I pray that in the coming weeks we can still salvage this. You, as a mother of twins, and me, an expectant father, both know that raising our children in a Galaxy at war is a crime that only parents in positions such as ours can be guilty of, as we alone are capable of stopping this before it goes too far. Before you listen to any more rash counsel from those who claim to be your advisors, I ask you, look at them. What have they done to help the Alliance and not themselves? Can you trust those urging you to war, so they might grow richer and fatter on the arms trade and violence? Now, look into the faces of your babies. Do you want two such innocent beings being plunged into a Galactic bloodbath that will make the whole of the Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War seem to be a mere skirmish? For that’s how it will be. This will not be a war of an oppressive regime against a small cell of freedom fighters. This will be a holocaust resulting from the all-out warfare between two Galactic superpowers. Far, far back in time, in the mists of ancient history, many worlds with atomic or thermonuclear weaponry were on the brink of annihilating their whole population, often because of two major nations that possessed the weaponry. Those that lived did so because they knew the result of war. Those that drew their sword and fired their missiles are no longer here, relegated to museum displays if they’re lucky, and footnotes in history texts if not. A war between our respective nations will be on Galactic scale, with mutual annihilation being assured. The blood of trillions of beings will be on our hands! And I refuse to be known as a mass-murderer. I’ve had my fill of death. So, now, I leave it to the Alliance to decide: Can we still reach some accord, or will peace be but a shattered hope, and the Galaxy fall into the binds of tyranny? Life, or death on a scale that would make Palpatine himself cringe? Do we all live to see our children grow, or will we all fall to the blaster?

It’s your choice. If you choose peace, we will gladly do all we can to reconcile our differences. Choose war, and I pray that the gods have mercy on you and your family, as well as on the Alliance, as it will no longer be moral crusade against oppression, but a power-grab and an attempt to slake the bloodthirst of those within your government who would just as soon see you dead, and merely cling to you for power. The Empire is no longer oppressive. We no longer storm into people’s homes and execute them. We no longer enslave others. And for all of your cries of freedom and liberation, they will be words of dust. We will not fight to crush you, but for our survival. We will not massacre prisoners, instead those with family will be released first. If you do choose war, at least be honest in your reasoning instead of hiding behind an old cliché.

So, citizens of the Galaxy, I close with a final word to the Alliance: Choose.

Director of Imperial Intelligence and Supreme Commander of the Central and Southern Galactic Segment

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