Coruscant Air Defense
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Jax was walking through the corridors of the Imperial Palace when his helm captured the Imperial Stormtrooper frequency. He made his way to the office as he listened to the reports: Apparently Colonel-General Scyntor had made good on the warrant for Gavin Onasi. He took a seat as his desk and, without exactly knowing why opened the statistical report of planetary defense.

Suddenly, the stress of battle became thick, and moments later the troopers began shouting battle reports and commands. Jax's brow furrowed... what would drive an Alliance member to have such an issue with a simple statement? It was something he would have to look into later, but there was no matter. He began maneuvering the various ships located planetside to new posts, posts that would allow them better opportunity to respond to emergency situations.

Then the Grand Marshal picked up on something that disturbed him. "Onasi has entered a shuttle. Cannot risk firing due to proximity of populace. Awaiting further orders." Jax flicked a finger, to a remote orders command screen, and began inputting codes almost as fast as thought. His voice rang powerfully over the trooper channels.

"Attention all troopers in sector P-247-X, discontinue pursuit. Re-form in capture formation at hangar 249-9Y3, blasters set to maximum stun. Bring with you three light artillery groups, train fire in tripoint convergence at the apex of the hangar." He growled as the orders began transmission, his helm loking skyward. He closed his eyes, the Force rippling from him in a shock wave of cold effeciency veiling iron intent.

"Attention Coruscant Air Defense, this is not a drill. Defender Squadron 2, Interceptor Squadron 18, Vanguard CS-001-3, assume battle stations and move to intercept at coordinates 138 mark 247 by 174 mark 25 by 11028 mark 4. Target is a shuttlecraft bearing one Gavin Onasi, wanted for the assault of an Imperial High officer, resisting arrest, flight from custody, reckless endangerment of civilians, and unauthorized departure.

Scramble all transmissions coming from the craft, Defenders use tractor beams to seize the vessel and take it to hangar bay 249-9Y3, utilize a 90 degree rotation on repulsors to keep you stationary while maneuvering the ship. Interceptors, form sweep pattern Xi-Omega, dual zonal, and keep all other air traffic at a distance of no less than one kilometer. Vanguard, monitor all transmissions sent from Coruscant orbit intended for Mr. Onasi and tight-beam to facility 003 for analysis."

The Force ripple would soon intersect the paths of the fighter pilots already exiting their hangar bays, whispers of Jax's voice giving them an added sense of urgency as well as an understanding of the gravity of the situation. The Grand Marshal could almost hear the ion whines of their craft as they assumed attack patterns on a vector aiming to intercept shuttle. They were painstakingly trained to operate within the confines of gravity, and there was no doubt they would perform most admirably.

Jax powered down his office and made his way out of the Imperial Palace, making his way towards the hangar bay. He saw the stormtroopers following his directives flawlessly, and three troupes of light artillery personell, bearing a light repeating blaster cannon each, entered the heavily shielded facility. Jax, in the meantime, reached behind his back and retreived his double vibroglaive, keeping it unactivated for the moment as he stepped through the doors. He would see to this matter personally until Scyntor could get his hands on Onasi.
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