Octo Crime Syndicate - Denon Branch(destroyed)
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Gobinda, a powerful Crime Lord in the backwater parts of Denon, sat in his office, guards all around him. He was prepared to meet the person that managed to kill his best assassin before they could get to the Alliance Chief of State. Gobinda was considering hiring this trained killer...

Secra Mirosa was sitting out in the waiting room, armed goons all around looking very edgy. A heavily armed woman came out of a small side room leading to an office, "Are you the man that killed Corso?" She directed the question at Secra, who was busy picking at his finger nails. Secra looked up, "So that was his name... Yeah I'm the one."
The guards drew their blasters and carefully aimed them at Secra's head, "You will come with us then. Name?"
Secra stood slowly and smiled slightly, "Darrik Vaquir."

Gobinda sat, poised in his over large office chair, the office was totally green with brown sideboards. He raised a glass of water to Secra as he entered, "Mr Vaquir, I must congratulate you on your success. Killing Corso like that, in broad daylight. It's a surprise you weren't captured." He leant forward, placing the glass on the desk, and steepled his fingers, "How exactly DID you get away?"
Secra leant forward, as if to whisper something into the man's ear. Secra slowly transformed his first to fingers on his right hand into a sharp blade, keeping it patterned with the extravagant cloaks and bodyglove he chose to wear.
Gobinda leant in slightly, Secra's right hand just underneath Gobinda's neck, Secra whispered to him, "The same way I'll get away this time." And quickly sliced his throat.
The guards took exactly 0.68 seconds to respond to their master dropping dead on his desk, luckily it only took Secra 0.55 seconds to remove the illusion covering his small, roughly two inch tall body. Secra took refuge under the desk, gripping to the bottom of the top desk surface.

Meanwhile the guards had their weapons drawn and were rapidly firing away, believing it to be a personal cloaking shield. This allowed Secra enough time to think of an interesting, yet fearsome, creature to change into.

Suddenly and without warning a narglatch launched into the air from under the desk. Clawing onto the chest of the nearest guard. The second guard opened fire and the illusion disappeared again, the bolts from the blaster hitting the first guard squarely in the chest.

With Secra gone again the second guard walked over slowly to the corpse of his comrade. He felt a warm, stale breath on his neck and he slowly turned around... The wampa made one loud bellow and sent the guard flying across the room.

Reverting to his human form Secra walked around the desk to the slumped over figure of Gobinda. Underneath his body, blocked from the blood-flow by his arm Gobinda's documents were clear of muck. Secra took them and examined them. Product shipment receipts, order forms etc. all going to the one person. someone called Khan. Kamal Khan.

Secra walked over to the guards and frisked them down, finding only some loose change he pocketed it and took both their blasters. Stuffing the blasters into his cloak he flipped through the dossier from the desk. He removed a small silver sphere from his cloak and tossed it behind him as he walked out the door.

"What was all that noise in there?" asked the armed secretary.
"Explosive temper," Secra replied smiling she shook the secretary's hand, "lovely meeting you. I can really see your career blowing out of proportion." He paused, bowed slightly and made his exit.

Just as Secra got into his speeder and started it up, a loud explosion and a huge dust cloud erupted from where the building was, Secra shrugged to the Security officer, "Mustn't have been up to code." He nodded curtly and flew to the spaceport.
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