To the Good People of the Galaxy
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Victor von Doom

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 Post Posted: Thu Mar 23, 2006 1:07 pm    Post subject: To the Good People of the Galaxy
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Today, a war is upon. It will continue this way until the Killik are extinct, should the Empire and Alliance have thier way. We sent a draft of a treaty, telling the Galactic Alliance and Empire that they could change it, or scrap it should they see it nessecary. They completely ignored this statement, and continued on with thier attack. The Killik-drafted treaty was not only going to include the almost complete repopulation of Haruun Kal, it was going to limit our armed forces, to prevent what has happened recently. We asked nothing of the Galactic Empire, and Galactic Alliance. Other then peace.

Yet the two powers refused, the Chief of State for the Alliance abruptly ended the conversation. I even told her that they could try me for my supposed wrongs. I offered her to bring the trial to Yoggoy, or any Alliance world. She said that Yoggoy would be fine. Now, instead of diplomatic vessels carrying Jedi and the Chief of State, they were war vessels, demanding my surrender. I would like to remind the galaxy of who started this war. The war that is currently in progress can be blamed on three factions: The Galactic Empire, the Devaron Soverignity, and the Nespis Republic. Now, awhile ago it was proposed by Devaron if you remember that all Killik were to be exterminated. The Empire and Republic happily joined.

That was just to point out that I am not the 'evil' one, and that I am not the agressor, because not but a few days previous to that, was a treaty signed between the Killik and the Empire and the Alliance. This was broken the minute the Empire joined Devaron's cause. While it is true that an ally should support its allies, it shouldn't follow them blindly on some crusade against a faction they just made peace with. The fact is that we did not start this war and we tried to end it before innocent people died.

We also always get the blame, not because we deserve it but because the Empire threatens smaller factions to agree with them, they don't even need to say a thing. Thier Executors and other war machines are enough to frighten anyone. The Empire is still evil[i] They are not the good people you think they are. They just know how to point the blame by setting traps. If Nespis snickers about this point, as they have before, they have been twisted so much that no one can help them. People mention the Confederate war machine... No one seems to notice that of the 'peaceful' Galactic Alliance, who has tripple the amount of ships as I, and the Empire who has many many more ships then I.

At Corellia, the Empire decided rather then letting disarmed ships leave the system, and accepting or creating terms for surrender, that destroying them would be best. This is of course after they were offered safe passage out of the system. This isn't counting the fact that the Alliance shot one last barrage before leaving. My disabled ships will not reactivate thier weapons, and if the Empire decides that destroying ships that have cause no damage, for no purpose, shame on them. I hope the galaxy realizes what has become of thier great leaders. They have all been reduced to the terrorists and racists that they tried to prevent. If any escape pods are shot down over Corellia... That kind of massacre will not be tolerated.

We will not be reactivating the ships at Corellia and we will defend Yoggoy with our lives.


Prime Unu Flint of the Confederate

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 Post Posted: Thu Mar 23, 2006 1:49 pm    Post subject:
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No one wants the Killiks exterminated. They want you on trial. We all do.

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Nevin Antilles
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Webmaster CMAC Councilor

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 Post Posted: Thu Mar 23, 2006 1:49 pm    Post subject:
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I think you're misinformed about a few things, Killik. Even after the treaty, you instigated war with an innocent world. The Killiks are not going to "be slaughtered", you're going to be removed from command. They lived before you took control over their minds, and they'll live after it.

You seem to think dismantlin' a few ships away in a mock settlement will show the galaxy you're the good guy here, when actually the past treaty the Empire, Alliance and Killik had was supposed to do something similiar; and here we are again, with you attacking Corellia, a full fleet assaulting our forces. The entire Corellian attack was probably just some half-baked scheme of yours to make the Empire and the Alliance look like the monsters. You are the monster. Sacrificing your own ships and the crew aboard just to make a political statement? You're pathetic scum and you deserve to lead nothing. You've pushed us, and the galaxy, over the edge.

But not anymore. Your wartime threats are going to end once and for all. Unfortunately, the only way to do that is through force, since your empty promises can't be trusted.

You've certainly got a way with words, Flint. See how that compares to turbolasers.
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Carnor Jax

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 Post Posted: Thu Mar 23, 2006 2:35 pm    Post subject:
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From the desk of High Marshal Asaali Sariyah, Imperial Air Force, Public Relations

Prime Unu Flint

You had no purpose in entering the Corell Sector, much less Corellian Airspace, a space guaranteed neutral in the treaty between the Galactic Alliance and the Galactic Empire. Your ships, twenty Unu-class dreadnoughts, entered with weapons armed and shields raised. Your General Jawthe not only attacked, but attempted to make a landing on Corellia itself by droping all stabilizers and thrusters.

Your later deactivation of your shields and weapons is irrelevant. If we had stood down, you would have opened fire and attempted to destroy us. As we have opened fire, you are claiming our hatred against your fleet and your ideals as an individual race.

However, in a transmission you had with Grand Marshal Jax, you claimed you entered the system through blind anger. Through stupidity. You claimed you followed a spy that said he could eliminate Supreme Moff Jendob for good. When you found out that you had no chance of succeeding, and finding yourself trapped within a planetary gravity well, pinned inside it by two opposing battle fleets, you panicked, and deactivated your systems.

What you failed to reconcile is that you, Prime Unu have a long history of not only defying the Empire and the Alliance, but of subversion, treachary, and villiany. Your demilitarization, carried out by General Tarms before her death, would have heralded a new era of peace and neutrality between our governments. Instead, you violated that by attmepting to gather arms, and thus you found yourself in a worse position than you started.

You claim the Empire set a trap. While your reasoning is justifiable to you, the present situation is irrelevant. You were stupid enough to walk into this "trap," and are now complaining because you are now fighting a loosing battle. You make me sick.

You have enslaved worlds to your hive-mind, and now you complain because someone actually had the desire and the resources to stand against you? You complain because you made a foolish mistake in acting agressively against a world that was supposed to be the centerpoint of peace in the galaxy, and are now paying the price for it? You are not fit for power.

The Imperial Air Force hereby institutes the following directive. When the Imperial Fleets make it to Yoggoy, you will submit yourself to transportation in one specially prepared Sentinel-class shuttle, escorted by one wing of fighters, to an Imperial vessel. You will be transported to Corellia, the very world you tried to invade, and there stand trial.

Failure to comply with this directive will find Grand Marshal Jax on your doorstep with an entire Air Force of bombers waiting to level every square inch of your planet.

Your people's blood will be on your hands, Prime Unu Flint. Consider farefully.
Grand Marshal of Imperial Air Forces, Member of the Elite TIE Defender squadron "Dark Blade."

"My job is not to cast judgement on you - that is what your Gods are for. My job? To arrange the meeting."

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