' Star of Nespis' Park
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Lance sat on a park bench, reading a book. It was about the esteemed outlaw Boba Fett. Most of it was obviously fiction, though it presented itself as a nonfiction book.

It was interesting, however, so he kept reading.

Then the Brazen Bounty hunter bloted up the boarding ramp, blasted the control switch, retracting the easiest way into the ship. (This was the third he shot the switch, and all three times it closed the ramp) Then he revved up the ship and attempted to take off. As soon as he left the ground, it was pulled back toward it. He was caught in a tractor beam!

He brought the ship to full power, and was now slowly escaping. However, he was a sitting duck for anyone with a missile or a blaster cannon.

A Huttese fighter soon shot past him, not firing, instead deciding to taunt him until the pilot felt like blasting the Slave I out of the sky.

Boba, thinking fast, jumped up and opened the cockpit doors.

"1, 2, 3" he counted, before jumping into the air, activating his jetpack, and was met with the impact of the fighter.

He held on tightly, and pryed open the door with his combat knife. As soon as it was open, the pilot let go of the stick in an attempt to fight off the bounty hunter. Luckily, a little pull sent him hurtling towards the planet below, and left Boba ample time to destroy the tractor beam and return to his ship, which was now flying into space.

He closed the book and jammed it into his pocket before standing up and looking around.

Kristina was sitting underneath a tree just a little bit away.

She saw him at the same time, and the two met on the edge of the sidewalk.

" Hello, mister Jerak. "

" Hello, miss... er...-"

" It's Stark, hipster. Guess I should've told you that, huh? "

" It would've saved us from having a very akward moment just then. "

She laughed.

" So, is there a reason you asked me here? ", he asked in his 'let's get down to business' manner.

" Nothing important... " She answered, grabbing his hand and dragging him towards the creek that ran through park.

Once there, the Marshal realized how private the area was. The trees blocked line of sight to nearly anyone who wasn't entangled deep in the natural area.

She sat down with here feet near the water's edge, and Lance sat next to her.

" So what do you do for a living? Please don't ask me what I do, so we can avoid one of those 'I asked you first' Cliches.... " she prodded.

" I'm... uh... well I'm a jack-of-all trades- "

"- And master of none? "

" Well I'm pretty damn good at some... "

She then noticed the metal cylinder at his waist.

" You loser! You've got one of these things? " She said laughing, while she grabbed it.

" Wait- " he started before she flicked the switch, and the orange blade protruded from the hilt.

" Oh my gosh... You really are a- "

" Yeah... and, while we're talking about what I do, I'm a marshal in the Nespis Army. Please don't assassinate me. "

" Well... I wasn't going to, but now that you mention it... "

He laughed and soon she did too.

He woke up half an hour later, and realized she was gone.

So was his lgihtsaber, and the piece of paper that had been in his pocket with his address on it. Perhaps he should've gotten rid of it when he found the place...

However next to him was a piece of paper, folded up like the one she had given him before.

Get you're jedi-ass to your apartment. NOW. Joke

He lauhged at the smiley she had drawn, just as he had done before, and headed back to his apartment.

" Cheer up Brian! You know what they say!

Some things in life are bad.
They can really make you mad.
Others'll just make you swear, and curse.

When you're chewing on life's Gristle
Don't grumble! Give a whistle!
And this'll help things turn out for the best... and

Always look on the briiiiight side of life... "

-Otto to Brian, during crucifixion, 33 A.D.

" Police Officer: The personal effects of Jake Blues... one broken pair of sunglasses... one unused prophylactic... one soiled... "

" Elwood: What kind of music do you usually have here?
Claire: Oh, we got both kinds. We got country and western. "

" Elwood: Illinois Nazis.
Jake: I hate Illinois Nazis. "

-The Blues Brothers

Lance Jerak
Julian Noble
Lord Tarpin
Kristina Stark
Silas Orites 'Zealot'
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