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"Greetings Citizens of the Galaxy." Arlyn started her beautiful Thanagarian image appearing over the screen. She smiled and said, "I must apologize to Gavin Onasi for my earlier remarks. I do not intend him any harm, nor does my faction. We have had an unlucky past. And it was the violent death of my love and Supreme Chancellor of the Democratically Represented Worlds Protectorate that brings me here today. First, I would like to declare 'Lady of the Geonosian Spire''s wishes, which by Geonosian devotiation is me. The entire Geonosian race has voted me their ranking and leader. And I cannot thank them enough for the power and voice they have given me. It is not my devotion to the throne and power, as some of my galactic counterparts, that I love to rule. It is my devotion to the people. I have fought and recruited hundreds of worlds over the course of my being in this galaxy and will continue to do so."

She paused her smile returning, "Gavin Onasi is a wise and respectful leader, but he has mistaken my attacks for those of pirates. I did not send officers to Alzoc III in order to recruit them into my faction, I sent them to free the slaves. They are now independent and have chosen to join me. It is my love for democracy and freedom, much like yourself, Onasi, that keeps my delegates going. If that is a crime, then both of us are guilty."

"My friends and family, I do come before you today, to announce our goals and the rebuildment of Alzoc III. We have decided to rebuild the planet to marvel and compare to Coruscant itself but in new ways. It will the Coruscant of Freedom. The Galactic Empire is utter control of their faction and through their protective grasp have saved millions, billions of lives from utter destruction. They are beginning to turn their violent past into a blissful future. I am currently staying on Thanagar and the Empire's reach into my homeplanet has done wonders for my people. Without them, I have no idea where my people would be."

Arlyn decided to touch again on Alzoc III, "This Coruscant of Freedom will modelize after the Galactic Empire and Alliance alliance on Corellia. It was the stop of bloodshed on Alzoc III and the Freedom Fighters that have inspired me to announce the new Alzoc. This planet is now geared towards freedom and justice. I am only a helping hand and every credit received of Taxation will be regiven into the Alzoc System. I will not see a single credit of profit. My goal, as Lady of Geonosis, is to rebuild the planet. For the people of Alzoc III. For the slaves that are seeking freedom in planets that do not have lucky leadership as those I mentioned earlier. Alzoc III will have glorious cities, massive trade envoys, and anything else Turbinia can assist with. We are allowing GARO to assist in these efforts and in no way, will we use his toys, his food and his blankets to assist any future war efforts."

"May peace still exist in the Galactic Affairs of the galaxy. And I wish long life to it." Arlyn clicked off, but Draco Ketra signed on.

His voice was not as welcoming of Arlyn, but continued the message, "We would like to thank the following individuals for their assistance. As would she," A small orphan child with one of Ikrit lightsabers stepped up to the stand. Her skinny body was almost repulsive as the small child was given just enough rations to survive. She waved the lightsaber toy around with joy in her eyes and said, "Thank you master Ikky"

Draco smiled his eyes clearly watery, "If you could see the things which has been turned...the families that have been affected you would not be so ill towards our faction. The Lady only wishes the best to the people of the galaxy and her actions would never want to lead to war. Please reconsder your image of us."

Another man appeared, a slave that had fought with Draco in the skies of Alzoc said, his face now clean and shaven, "I would like to thank Jase Denora. He and his fleet saved my family. He rescued and gave us a future. He is an honorable and respectable man..."

Draco nodded and remained on the comms to answer any questions.

Alatáriël Pallanén, Lady of Geonosis

Ryan Davad, HRD Sentient Droid
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A 'Coruscant of Freedom', eh? I hope you realize that completely rebuilding a planet takes tens of billions - perhaps a trillian - credits.
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"We did realize. And 'Coruscant of Freedom' was a figure of speech." Draco said simply, "Next questioni"
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