Ninth Army Group Headquarters
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Ams Jendob
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 Post Posted: Sun Dec 18, 2005 3:24 pm    Post subject: Ninth Army Group Headquarters
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The infirmary was quiet, as one would expect. Just the soft beeping of monitors and hum of the environmental controls. A couple Alliance troopers were still being treated for minor frostbite. One of Artanis' men twisted his ankle on some ice. But they were being taken care of.
Finally, I reached the bed I was looking for. It was separated from the others by a curtain.
"Hey," the occupant smiled. "What are y-you doing here?" she shivered just slightly, a side effect from her still being a little below normal temperature.
"Seeing how you're doing," I said. "You feel okay?"
"A little cold, but I'm almost back to normal," Shayera reassured.
I smiled and sat beside her. "I wish," I began as Shayera took a sip of the hot drink she had. "I wish I didn't have to still demote you for what happened."
Shayera just laughed. "Ah, what's a couple blue squares instead of orange?"
I laughed. "Actually, they were redesigned, and the new ones went official yesterday. Now it's a couple red ones."
Shayera shook her head. "Bureaucrats... and yes, I know we are."
She just looked at me for a moment after. "You awake?" I asked.
Shy smiled, her emerald gaze never wavering from that lightyears away look. "Yeah, just thinking... we're gonna need to make some changes over the next few months."
"Why's that?" I queried.
She grinned ear to ear and looked up at me. "Ams... I'm pregnant."
My jaw nearly hit the floor. "Are you--you wouldn't joke--would you?"
The only reply was an enigmatic smirk.
For that one moment, protocol flew out the window. I wrapped my arms around her and embraced her tightly. "I love you."
"I love you too... please let me breathe," she gasped, and I quickly released her.
"Sorry!" I apologized quickly.
She just giggled. "No more rough stuff... not for a few months, anyway," she teased.


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Nevin Antilles
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 Post Posted: Sun Dec 18, 2005 3:26 pm    Post subject:
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Ams straightened slightly and turned to look at him, taking a deep breath. “First of all,” he began. “Once all of your men and the Solos are aboard your ship, I expect you to abide by the treaty and leave this system immediately.”

Nevin found it funny that no matter how much Jendob attempted to condescend to Nevin, he was obviously afraid of a small Rebel force on an Imperial stronghold with Antilles at its head. It made Nevin feel good to have that kind of domination over him. “Don't worry...getting the hell out of Imperial space is the first thing on my mind.”

“Good. Secondly, the security codes have been changed... try that stunt again and you'll be sucking on even enough firepower to collapse a planetary shield.”

The Rebel just smiled confidently. He knew Anteevy enough to find a way in even if there were twenty Death Stars in orbit. “We'll see about that...when the time comes.”

“Third,” Jendob started to speak, but paused and seemed to struggle to get the next words out of his mouth. “Thank you.”

That was something the young man certainly didn’t expect. Naturally, he was suspicious. “Yeah…well…” He muttered before looking at the floor.

Jendob frowned slightly. “It's not, ‘Yeah, well.’” He retorted.

Nevin shrugged with his eyebrows. “Heh...well, all my troops aren't'm surprised...”

“I heard about the three you took with you... my condolences.”

Antilles once again shrugged. He put a façade over how deeply he was sorry for those troops that died. “Less to be killed when this war starts again.”

“This war will never start again. Not if I have anything to do about,” The Moff responded fiercely.

“You're just lying to yourself,” Nevin pointed out. “All the leaders are. I knowwhat the Empire thinks about rebels. It won't be long.”

“I'd guess you'd be the expert on lying to yourself,” Jendob grumbled under his breath.

Antilles decided to not start another argument over that, no matter how much he wanted to. Words couldn’t express his overwhelming desire to send a bolt of burning tibanna into the man’s crotch. Or whatever may be there. He moved towards the door.

“And which leaders are you talking about?” Jendob started talking again. “There are a few Imperial commanders, but they're easily held in check, unlike that maniac Solo.”

Nevin rolled his eyes to himself before turning around to face Ams again. Another “we’re now the nice guys” speech…”Try Vader and the majority of the moffs.”

“Well, half of them answer directly to me. So if they start anything, they'll be dealt with,” he responded with an air of pride.

“That's supposed to give me confidence?”

“You think I want to start this war?”

“You're doing more harm by not continuing it.”

“Is that so?” Ams glared.

“I guess an Imp wouldn't understand why,” Nevin muttered before turning towards the door once again.

“You were an 'Imp' as well.” Jendob pointed out.

"Were," Nevin was sure to clarify.

“Tell me,” Jendob questioned. “Why is it so beneficial that the Empire be destroyed, hmm? Because we ended decades of legislative corruption? Because we removed a corrupt leader?”

“You replaced a decade of slaughter with an eon more!” Antilles yelled back, not believing just how self-righteous Ams was being. “You replaced a corrupt leader with an even more corrupt leader! You replaced ‘legislative corruption’ with...nothing! and hell, you hide that from your own officers!” He paused. “It's not much less than brainwash.”

Ams scoffed and turned away in disgust. “That was another time. A different Empire.”

Antilles didn’t believe that. Antilles knew it wasn’t true. He had witnessed it, as a third-party, as an Imperial and now as a Rebel. “Same Empire. Same rule. Different cover story.”

“The Empire has changed, dammit. Can't you see that?” Jendob growled back. “Slavery has been abolished. Planets are asked to join us, not forced at the muzzle of a blaster. As for this war with the DRWP, that's out of self-defense.”

“Not on the outer rim, or anywhere else they can get away with it.” Nevin informed.

“I don't blame your own personal vendetta against the Empire, but don't try to cover it with propaganda.”

Nevin’s lips stretched in a smile. That was probably the most hypocritical thing he had ever heard. “Propaganda? You're one to talk!”

“Says the man who would've slaughtered millions if that bastard Palpatine said to,” said Ams.

“and you wouldn't have? The Empire was like a savior to a blindfold. You can't really see how something is until you're outside of it.”

“I have been outside of it,” Jendob said.

“Then I guess you're simply a dumbass,” Nevin simply retorted.

“Somehow, I can't believe this is the same man that Kara loved.”

Nevin mentally winced. He moved towards Ams and glared towards him, shoving a finger in his face. “You’re scum.”

Jendob also got into his face. “And you are a traitor.”

And with that, Nevin finally ceded to his desire. He put his fist solidly into Ams’ jaw, watching as the man fell back against the wall and was instantly knocked out. Nevin would have smirked if only he wasn’t so serious about the subject. “At least I'm not one to the galaxy…” He said, quietly, to no one but himself before he walked out.
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Shayera Hol

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 Post Posted: Sun Dec 18, 2005 3:27 pm    Post subject:
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The door to the room Ams and Nevin went into hissed open, and Nevin stepped out.
"...Everything okay?" I asked.
"Perfect," he answered with a tone of sardonic satisfaction.
Great... another fight, I guessed.
"Good to know," I replied. "See ya around."
He gave a rather sloppy wave, and walked off.
A few moments later, Ams came out. He looked alright, but when he took a staggering step forward, I knew something was wrong. I swung over the bed and managed to catch him just before he hit the floor.
"Hi honey," he murmured, then blacked out.
I let out a frustrated sigh. "Men," I muttered as I hauled him over to the infirmary bed.
He came to in a few minutes. "Remember the last time, Ams?"
He looked up, somewhat dazed. "Huh?"
I just shook my head. "You know what, I'm not gonna even bother getting angry."
"Okay," he said, confused.
"Let's just go home."
"Sounds good."

After the storm, Ams and Shayera return to the Prestige, then to Coruscant.

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