VSD-I Victory
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The Victory-I class Star Destroyer was designed near the end of the Clone Wars, and these ships formed the core of the Imperial Navy after the turbulent era. The concept of a massive, highly destructive starship was first researched during the Clone Wars. When it first went into service, it was considered the ultimate combat starship design and it was the largest vessel ever constructed. As more Imperial-class Star Destroyers were built, Victory Star Destroyers were being reassigned to planetary defence or moved to reserve fleets deep in the Galactic Core. These ships proved to be an important part of the Imperial Navy even though they are over three decades old. The Empire eventually decided to have 520 Victory Star Destroyers to be decommissioned from the 27th Denarian Fleet to make room for the newer Imperial-class Star Destroyers. Few VSDs still serve in the Imperial Navy. Most of the remaining Victory Star Destroyer that were decommissioned were sold off to planetary defence forces and the rest were purchased by the C.S.A. The Corporate Sector Authority purchased 250 these ships.

These ships have three mission profiles in mind: planetary defence, planetary assault and ground troop support, and ship-to-ship combat. The Victory's biggest weakness is ship-to-ship combat, its three LF9 ion engines cannot produce sufficient speed for deep-space combat and most modern combat starships can simply outrun them. Due the the fairly slow speed of the VSD, it relies on its tractor beams to gain the advantage in combat. For success, the captains on the Victory must first establish a superior position. They can best surmount their shortcomings if they are assigned Interdictor Cruisers, Escort Frigates, or Light Cruisers for support. This vessel is excellent for planetary actions because it is one of the largest capital ships that can operate effectively in a planetary atmosphere and thus bring the battle directly to the enemy on the surface. While most newer vessels are restricted to orbital bombardment, thus gives the Victory a tactical and a psychological advantage, since they can deliver accurate and devastating bombardments in the atmosphere of a planet.

The two rods that jut out of the command tower are forward observation stations. Similar to the Imperial Star Destroyer, two shield generators on top of the command tower provide protection for the ship. The third smaller dome which is set behind the shield generators is actually the aft targeting systems. The communication tower is also located on the command tower, unlike the ISDII, the communication tower is perpendicular to the hull. In the centre, extended outward like a beak from the command tower is the bridge for the VSD. Also similar to the Imperial series, is the two distinctive Primary and Secondary Launch Bays and the solar ionization reactor which are located on the ventral part of the ship. Toping all this off is the two atmospheric manoeuvring surfaces on the flanks the VSD.

- Courtesy of Galactic Empire Databank

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