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Gredrick Redirpraw

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 Post Posted: Tue Jun 20, 2006 4:35 am    Post subject: ASD Imperial Vengeance
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The Red Tempest dropped out of hyperspace ten milli-seconds after the Vengeance did. It was a perfect demonstration of military precision, and a complement to both parties.

The massive form of the Vengeance hung in the dark of space ominously, with an almost tangible amount of dread and foreboding. She was a killer bristling to the teeth with weaponry; a vessel whose sole purpose was to rain down emerald death. She was well suited for her job, and Redirpraw hoped that she would protect him in the turbulent times ahead.

* * *

The Vengeance came into view just as I was dropping from hyperspace; her sheer size always impresses me, a natural born killer. She was sitting about 1000KM from me with her ventral aspect to me. This would make docking easy, and quick. I flicked on the comm and hailed the Vengeance, trying to beat them to the punch, "Imperial Vengeance, Red Tempest, Captain Redirpraw here, sending authorization codes now."

"Tempest, Vengeance, code are good. Welcome back Captain. Docking instructions are as follows: Maintain course and speed until 250KM, cut engines at 100KM. Reverse thrust at 25. We'll do the rest."

"Vengeance, Tempest, Copy that. Tempest out." I was nearing the 400KM mark, I quickly programmed the nav computer to follow the instructions the Vengeance had given me. I had about 5 minutes until the Tempest would be in the Docking bay, time to freshen up. I bolted out of the cockpit, hung a right and ran to a small compartment across from the port side escape pod. I disrobed in a hurry and was jumping in to the shower; I could already feel the ship slowing, which meant we were passing the 250KM point. Turning on the shower I took a typical combat shower and was out and clean in less then two minutes. Knowing that I still had a few moments I ran to my cabin and pulled out a cleanly pressed uniform from a bulkhead wardrobe.

The ship rocked as the tractor beams grabbed hold, it wasn't long now. Adjusting the cover on my head I walked up to the cockpit and sat in the pilot's chair. Instead of turning forward I just looked at Hotshot. "Hey, Hotshot, as soon as we are clamped down, secure the ship and schedule the technicians to come and do a sweep of her. Once thatís done, head up to my stateroom, I'll probably be on the bridge for a while.

The Tempest vibrated as the landing gear was lowered, and moments later, the ship impacted the deck of the Vengeance with solid thud. Getting my balance I stood from the seat and walked towards the gangway. Flicking the switch to lower the platform, it whined and groaned as it lowered to the pristine looking deck. I walked down the ramp and pulled left, now walking toward the front of the Tempest. Unexpectedly I hit my head on one of the protruding vent ducts. I silently cursed to myself and rubbed my head.

Walking towards me was Commander Morley, my Executive Officer. He spoke first, "Welcome aboard sir, I trust your leave was restful." I nodded, it was as close to retirement as I was going to come for a while.

"Indeed it was Commander, quite rejuvenating. I trust you kept my ship flying."

He chuckled and responded, "Of course I did sir, you'd have my head if I didn't." The man spoke the truth, I'd kill him myself if he had failed to keep my ship together. "Sir, I know that your trip must've been tiring, but I urge you to come to the bridge, we have a bit of a situation."

By the maker, there it was again, that ambiguous term for bad occurrences. If I really disliked 'Developments', 'situations' sickened me. "Well, lets get up there then, it sounds dire." I stepped off with my left foot and Morley instinctually took up post on my left, about on pace behind me. "So, Commander, briefly explain our...'situation'."

Morley hesitated for a moment, "Well, it seems that there was a prison break from the Lusankya by the Galactic Alliance. Shortly there after Supreme Moff Jendob issued a statement dissolving the treaty that we had with the Alliance, our peace treaty. Also, just a few hours ago, Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance - Leia Organa Solo issued a proclamation of war. Surprisingly, she chose to rename the Galactic Alliance as the Rebel Alliance."

So...that was not what I had expected.... I knew things were going sour, but I didn't know we had gotten this close to the brink of war. "Well, thats news for you. I want this ship put on the highest alert, we make best speed for Coruscant."

"Already done sir, we are ready to leave as soon as you say so."

"Commander, give the order. And may the maker grants us swiftness." And for the good of all of us, may the maker have mercy on our souls, for only he knows the Pandora's box we've opened.
Captain Gredrick Redirpraw, ASD Imperial Vengeance

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