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Ams Jendob
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CMAC Councilor

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The shuttle descended through the atmosphere of Thanagar, bumping into a stormfront once in a while. The shuttle would rock and oscillate until we got below them, then the flight would resume a level pattern.
Shayera leaned in to whisper in my ear. "I'm going to warn you now, Ams. When I left, this place was a complete dump. This may get rough."
I took her hand and squeezed it. "It's okay, Shy. I can take rough. Are you going to be all right?"
She nodded. But there was something lurking behind those emerald-colored irises.
"Shy, if you need to be alone at any point..."
She fixed me with a steely gaze. "Being alone is the last thing I'd want. But I appreciate the offer."
I gave her hand one last squeeze as we touched down on the rain soaked landing pad, and the hatch opened. Shayera, Admiral Piett, and myself descended down the ramp and into the rain.


Director of Imperial Intelligence and Supreme Commander of the Central and Southern Galactic Segment

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water is really cat piss
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Shayera Hol

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Thanagar was a dark, damp place, little different from my childhood. I shivered, partly from the cold, partly from the icy chills of recognition running up my back. Every blink brought images of walking--or running for my life--down these streets.
After twenty agonizing minutes which passed like twenty agonizing years, we reached the main government structure. The guards there glared at us, then when their eyes fell upon me, they grudgingly uncrossed their pikes and allowed us through.
We were then escorted to a chamber. Braziers hung on the walls, deceptively primitive. The one flickered, briefly becoming translucent and revealing the glowpanel beneath before it resumed its apparent solidity.
A large arc of a table separated our small group of Imperial officers from the eleven Thanagarians behind it.
One of them looked very, very familiar. She sat in the center of the group, and with her bright red hair and piercing green eyes, there was no mistaking the Supreme Magistrate.
"Me llamo Ausführende Shayera Hol," I started, and noticed the Supreme Magistrate's eyebrow come up, and a skeptical frown appear on her lips.
"Aparecéis ser un de nosotros," said the official furthest to my left. "Pero el Imperio es conocido por su mentiras"
You appear to be one of us, but the Empire is known for its lies, he'd said.
Then the magistrate spoke. She seemed much younger than the other council members. In fact, I knew exactly how old she was. But her voice was of someone much older. "Puede usted probar quien sois??"
Can I prove who I am? That's my Canjra...
"Ja, podí."
The next hour or so involved an arduous voyage through my memory. I had to fight many times to keep my voice from breaking. Whenever I felt like giving up, Ams would put his hand on my shoulder. And that simple gesture would give me the strength to press on.
The Supreme Magistrate stood, and dismissed the council at the end of the hour.
"Would the rest of you kindly leave, as well?" she asked in Basic. "Except you, Executive."
Ams and Piett exited. The Magistrate walked around the table and studied me closely. "Eres Shayera Hol en verdad?"
I noticed the switch to the familiar. "Eres Canjra Hol?" I asked in reply.
She came closer, until our faces were just a few centimeters apart. "Ja, soy Canjra Hol."
"Soy mi, hermanita," I said, almost breaking down.
She eyed me. Her face was blank, but I could see in her eyes the turmoil that raged inside her. Finally, the battle ended, tears came to her eyes, and she embraced me in the way one embraces a long-lost sister. I gladly returned it, feeling moisture fall from my eyes as well.
"Shayera... I never thought it possible," my little sister cried. "You're alive."
"Last time I checked," I joked despite the tears, then I became more serious. "Canjra, I've missed you and Hro so badly..."
We stood there for a moment before we slowly took out arms from each other. I wiped my eyes, and Canjra wiped hers.
"You've gotten big," I smiled.
She laughed. "You too. Hro tells me your married, too."
I nodded. "Did he tell you who my husband is?"
Canjra shook her head. "No, he wasn't forthcoming on that part."
I laughed as I drew comlink from my pocket. "Same old Hro." I activated the comlink. "Ams, could you come in here?"
The doors opened, and a moff clad in Intelligence crimson entered.
"Ams, Canjra. Canjra, Ams," I said in tone of mock formality. Ams smiled, but my sister was confused.
"I thought his name was Jendob."
"It is," Ams pointed out with a grin. "Moff Ams Jendob, at your service."
Now it added up for Canjra. "You two--"
"Uh-huh," I acknowledged. Then I noticed her looking up and down Ams. "Nice job, hermana," she teased. Then she gestured to the door. "Come with me. Let's go somewhere the four of us can talk in private. After all, we're all family." She smiled with the last sentence.

Canjra's home was quite spacious, almost a palace. I was a little surprised, to be honest. Thanagar didn't seem to be the type of place that even borderline luxury existed. And yet, here I was.
We were led to a comfortably warm room with couches and chairs. It was just Ams, Hro, Canjra, and me.
"So," Canjra started, trying to make conversation. "How long have you two been married?"
"Almost six months," Ams answered.
Hro smiled warmly. "Any kids?"
I laughed. "Not yet. I want to have Ams all to myself at least until our anniversary."
"Seems like we're trying, though," Ams teased.
That drew some laughter from my siblings. "I like this guy, Shayera," Hro chuckled. "Great sense of humor."
I kissed Ams on the cheek and grinned, then looked at Hro. "Yeah. Though sometimes it gets him in trouble."
"Since when?" Ams asked.
I laughed again.
"Any more like you, Ams?"
"Olvidelo, hermanita," I advised. "He's mine."
Canjra smirked. "That's why I want to know if there's anymore, sis."
Ams chuckled. "I've never been fought over before. Not to my knowledge, anyway."
"It's actually a lot of fun," Hro laughed. "Especially if they literally fight over you."
I speared him with a glare of feigned annoyance. "Don't give him ideas." Then I smirked to reassure him that I was kidding... as far as being annoyed went, anyway. "But enough about Ams and me... What about you two?"
"Still single," Hro said quickly. "Flying patrols doesn't leave much time to find anyone. But Canjra, here..."
I shifted my gaze from Hro to my sister. She reddened a little. "Who's the lucky guy?" I asked.
"He's just my promised one," Canjra said. "Not married yet."
"Who is he?"
My little sister blushed more. "Remember Paran Dul's brother?"
My jaw dropped. "No way. Not Kit. You're marrying Kitel Dul?"
She smiled and pulled her hair back from covering her ears. Pearl earrings, the traditional symbol of engagement on Thanagar.
I smiled. "At least tell me his voice doesn't still sound like a five-year-old girl."
Canjra gave me a look, but laughed. "No. Not anymore."
"Now he's up to a ten-year-old girl," Hro added.
I laughed heartily as Canjra playfully cuffed Hro in the back of the head. "He does not," she said indignantly. "Rest of him has grown up, too," she said with a glint in her eye.
I raised an eyebrow. She flushed again, and I laughed softly. "Sounds like you two know each other rather well. And yet you still want to know if there are anymore Amses," I teased.
Then I turned back to Hro. "And you; a Squadron Leader at twenty-eight, and still no Mrs. Hro Hol?" I gibed. But then a brief look of discomfort flashed over his features, and I noticed Canjra very subtly shaking her head.
Hro looked away for a minute. I had put my whole boot in my mouth. I tried to shift the focus of the question. "I mean a Squadron Leader? C'mon, Canjra, can't you pull some strings?" I smiled half-heartedly.
"I'm happy with where I am," my baby brother said gruffly.
The mood change was palpable. I looked over to Canjra. "Can I talk to you for a sec? Over there?"
She nodded, and we went over to a secluded corner of the room as Ams tried to strike up a conversation with Hro.
"What happened?" I asked quietly.
"Hro was married just few years ago. He was also going to have a baby," Canjra explained sadly. "But there was an insurgent attack and Hro had to lead his squadron while his wife was in labor."
I frowned. That was a rather unfortunate turn of events. But Canjra wasn't done.
"There were complications in labor."
No... Please, don't say that...
"She died in childbirth... and the baby didn't make it. Hro never even saw his baby boy. And his wife was calling out for him as she died.
"He's just barely gotten it behind him, and it's still a really, really touchy subject."
I felt terrible. I had been reunited with my brother for only a few hours, and already I had ripped open an old wound.
I looked back at Hro. No wonder he seemed so much older.
We slowly walked back over to the two men. I sat next to Ams, and leaned on him. Canjra sat in the chair next to Hro's.
"So, what were you boys talking about?" I asked.
Ams looked at me. "This really sadistic woman both of us have met, by strange coincidence. I was telling Hro about how she decked me after I just said hello, and he told me that she once shoved him into ice cold water to teach him to swim."
I smiled wryly. "Really? Sounds more like she was getting even with you for not even contacting her in nine years, and if you can swim in cold water, you've got it made. She doesn't sound too bad."
Ams chuckled, as did Hro. But Hro sounded forced. I was really worried about him.
"You know what else this wicked woman did, Shy?" Ams queried.
"Shy? Canjra and Hro asked at the same time.
I smiled. "Sort of a combination pet name and nickname. And what else did she do?"
Ams grinned. "Well, she would bite me, for one. Or try to impale me through the back with her fingernails."
"She still does," I pointed out suggestively. "But if you keep this up, she might stop."
Canjra raised an eyebrow. Even Hro seemed a little surprised.
"I think you're scaring my little brother and sister, Ams," I teased.
Canjra laughed. "Not really. And as much fun as I'm having here, I have a job to do. Why are you two here?"
I sat up straight, a little taken aback by Canjra's businesslike tone.
"We're trying to open up relations between the Empire and Thanagar," Ams admitted.
"Why Thanagar?"
Ams sighed. "Honestly, we weren't going to Thanagar specifically. We detected transmission from this world, and saw the planet wasn't on the charts. There was a brief mention of a planet at these coordinates in the old Republic databanks, but no name or information. Just 'There is a planet here.'
"We're here to see what the planet is, and, if possible, persuade them to join the Empire."
Hro shot me a glare. "I thought you weren't gonna annex us, hermana."
He spat the word like venom. "We're not," I said defensively. "We're just asking."
"And if we say no? Then you annex us, right?" Hro accused.
"No," Ams answered. "We leave. Whatever lies you've heard about the Empire from Rebel propaganda channels, I can assure you we're not like that."
Canjra sighed. "We should continue this back in the council chambers."
"Very well," Ams agreed.

Chief of Security to Supreme Moff Jendob

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Ams Jendob
CMAC Councilor
CMAC Councilor

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The sound of falling rain echoed through the Thangarian Council chamber. Inside, save the ambient noise, it was deathly silent. But, these negotiations had to start sometime.
As the ranking officer, it fell on my shoulders to handle the arrangements. Unfortunately, not all of the councillors spoke fluent Basic, and my knowledge of Thanagarian was limited mostly to terms that had no business in diplomacy. Fortunately, Shayera--understanably--was fluent in both languages and acted as a translator.
"Esteemed Councillors," I began. The ultra-formal wording felt foreign, but I didn't want to risk the planet with a slip of the tongue. "We stand here with an offer from the Galactic Empire."
Shayera turned to the council. "Los concejales estimados, estamos parados aquí con una oferta del Imperio Galáctico."
"We wish to open relations between our two governments, and, if possible, welcome Thanagar and her people into the open arms of the Empire."
"Deseamos abrir relaciones entre nuestros dos gobiernos, y, si es posible, a agradable Thanagar y a su gente en los brazos abiertos del Imperio."
The councilman to the Supreme Magistrate's immediate left spoke up. "Por qué debemos aceptar la esclavitud del Imperio?"
Shayera turned. "He asked, 'Why should we accept enslavement by the Empire?'"
I nodded in acknowledgement, then glanced back to the council. "We are not here to enslave you."
"No estamos aquí esclavizarle," she said firmly.
"Scheiß de nerf," was the reply.
Shayera turned, a puzzled look on her face.
"What did he say?" I asked.
She looked as if she were struggling with it. "Well, I think his tone kinda said it all..."
She bristled at my use of her rank. "He said 'Nerfshit,' sir."
"Sorry," I whispered. Then, in an audible tone and to the council, "We just want to help you. We can give you protection, funds, anything you need. Just give us a chance."
"Apenas deseamos ayudarle. Podemos darle la protección, fondos, cualquier cosa que usted necesita. Justo dénos una ocasión."
Another Thangarian rose, but Supreme Magistrate Hol put up her hand. "Do you give your word that Thanagar will will not be enslaved?"
"Yes, I do," I stated.
She let out a long breath. "We'll consider your offer. You should have your answer by tomorrow."
I bowed at the neck. "Thank you, Madam. That's all we ask."
"You may go."
On that note, Piett, Shayera, I and were escorted from the chamber to our shuttle. I sincerely hoped they opted to join us.


Director of Imperial Intelligence and Supreme Commander of the Central and Southern Galactic Segment

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water is really cat piss
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The shuttle finally touched down on the space port. Arlyn’s hand reached off of the controls and her eyes fell into Ryan. They stopped and for a moment, held each other with their glances. Ryan knew this would be both joyful and painful for her, and he would be there for her all steps of the way. Arlyn smiled and with a soft voice said, “You might want to bring a coat…”

They dressed for the cold and rainy weather and exited the shuttle and into the space port. Thanagarian flight patrols watched them and allowed them to enter. The man on the left seemed rather used to a human being on their world, especially with the Imperial occupation, but the man on the right frowned. His eyes watched Ryan with hatred. Arlyn ignored both and proceeded through the doors, followed closely behind by Ryan.

As they accessed the public citizen record, Arlyn discovered her parents did not change, in fact it was almost exactly as it was before she left. The secretary asked Arlyn a few questions, wondering why she was asking for one of the council member’s house location. She only smiled and said in their native tongue, “I am his daughter.”

The woman looked puzzled, but then it hit her. And in Galactic Basic, as so Ryan could understand, “You are the third daughter?”

Arlyn smiled gently and nodded.

The secretary’s eyes filled with tears. “Your…father will be pleased. I am sure of it. He spent a lot of his money to find you…We all thought, you were…”

Arlyn hands reached her face and pulled her hair behind her eyes. The news about her father caring about her was shocking. He seemed so… involved in his work. He was always away from home. Arlyn recalled the countless times she watched her mother clean the table, alone, and throw away the full plate’s contents where her father had promised to be.

She sighed, “Thank You. But I would prefer a surprise.”

The secretary nodded, dampening her eyes on her sleeve, and responded, “I shall send a few patrols with you…”

Arlyn shook her head, “He can take care of me.” She smiled as she looked back at Ryan. Ryan nodded and said in Thanagarian, “She’ll be safe with me.”

The female thanagarian nodded and watched the two depart and into the rainy evening.

Alatáriël Pallanén, Lady of Geonosis

Ryan Davad, HRD Sentient Droid
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It was a dark, cloudy day. Clouds always seem to bring many things. First among them, rain that sustains worlds. Worlds that sustain life. Life that sustains the Force. I'd heard that last one once. I'm not sure who told it to me. It was a long time ago, in another place.

Clouds also seemed to bring something else with them. Perhaps news of something to come. I had received an Imperial notice that day. It was an odd notice. Apparently, I had been enlisted with the stormtroopers for quite some time and hadn't reported for years. I couldn't recall when I was a stormtrooper. I had seen them, but I could not recall wearing their armor.

I had just come to this planet not even a month ago. I had been told that it was my homeplanet, but I couldn't see how that was possible. I had never been to the planet they call Thanagar. They said I was a Thanagarian. I had seen Thanagarians and I couldn't argue. I looked just like them. I never felt like I was one, though. Like I was different somehow.

I stood overlooking the city below. I was standing above it on a rock formation nearby, my hair and wings fluttering in the wind. On any other day, the skies would be filled with the populace of the planet. Now, there was no one, taking shelter until the storm passed. I had made the decision almost immediately after I received the notice. I came up to this formation to understand why. I came to the planet to understand other things, as well. Perhaps it was fate or the "Force" guiding me. Telling me to go where the Empire told me to. I was willing to follow it if it showed me what I wanted to know. I unfolded my wings and lazily soared down to the city below.

I had better not keep them waiting any longer.

I found transport to the central planet of the Galaxy. The planet called Coruscant. It was time to report in.

Seraph is en route to Coruscant.
Admiral Swali Onca/Flag Officer, 1st Imperial Fleet

Darth Vader, Galactic Emperor

Grand General Mau Onca, Imperial Army Cheif of Operations and Staff

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