Coronet Starport.
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Kyp Durron

 Post Posted: Thu May 19, 2005 1:01 pm    Post subject: Coronet Starport.
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Kyp muscled his way beneath the cargo hold whilst still orbitting the planet Corellia. The Cargo hold was guarded only by an imperial officer of the imperial law. He wore a long sleeved shirt and the average grey imperial uniform amongst the grey hat. The ship belted up and finally hit the land, the starport was heavily populated with people walking past. Many people buying tickets to destinations Kyp had never heard of, the youngster grabbed his weapon and gripped it tightly.

'Now, if I'm going to attempt an escape, I need to be trusting on my thoughts and do what the force tells me. I also need to watch my back, imperials scout everywhere on this cruiser.'

Kyp rolled steadily out beneath the cargo crates and stood facing the startled imperial officer.

"Men, get a patrol down here right this instant. We have unwanted company, looks like a legendary force user Vader talks about. Get down here now!" The officer hollered over the comm, he switched it off and stood his ground against Kyp Durron. Kyp looked into his evil eyes as he stared back.

"You know, what Vader has done to these Jedi is sickening. Emperor Palpatine has gone too far." Kyp spoke, relieving himself of all anger before stepping into battle.

The imperial officer frowned at the Jedi padawan as if to question his sanity, before, speaking back to a Jedi would have been treachery and trait. But since they hardly existed no-one had to watch their tongue as the Jedi have dropped far down the respect chain as far as their population have dropped in the population chain. It was all down hill for Kyp and a few more out there. Kyp wasn't giving in without a fight.

After several minutes of the two, breaking the intense silence came imperial back-up. The officer smiled, "Release your weapon and come with us Jedi scum or you'll be fired upon right where you stand." He breeched. Kyp looked at him back and then he looked at the victory class A dark troopers surrounding himself. "You fire at me one bit officer, your time is up."

With those words, Kyp Durron used the force to pull each weapon out of the hands of his opposers and then used the opposite power to push the troopers from is reach, he darted out the room and activated his gleaming purple weapon. He deflected several blaster shots and dived out of the window of the ship. He then ran throughout the star port and its passengers all screaming for the Jedi to be killed. Kyp hacked through a locked door and ran out into Corellia's open enviroment. Kyp noticed several people that weren't alarmed by his presence, he hid behind them and used the force to cloak himself.

He lifted his dark hood over his head and blended with the crowd, walking out into the wilderness, the bleeding sun sparling on the grass as he set out into the wild plains of Corellia.

Kyp has been spotted by imperials, and is making his way out into the deeper core of Corellia where he can relax and try to build a new home. Then he will search for the rebellion.

OOC: If anyone wants to come and join Kyp, preferably another Jedi, than feel free to catch up with him.

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Kyp Durron

 Post Posted: Fri May 20, 2005 1:10 pm    Post subject:
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OOC: Thanks, I enjoy it.

Kyp steadily walked the grass plains with nothing in site, he looked around to make sure he was clear for the time being. No imperials, he was safe. He looked down at his arm, it was a deep gash that had happened to have caught him off guard, by the looks of the size, it was default dark trooper material that blasted him hard. The wound wasn't fresh and thanks to his meditation techniques was healing faster then expected. Kyp gave a slight frown as he mellowed the pain down with a lick of his tongue. He then looked up into the clear Corellian daylight, the sunny hot breeze blowing into his robes.

'I think it's time I brought my own future into place here, Im going ahead with my plan and nothing will stop me. I'm going to hunt down this Darth Vader and seize his darkness before he can harm another soul.' He gladly thought as he wondered onto the top of a grassy hill. He sat down and looked at his lightsaber, nicely fitted onto his belt. He then looked into the sky and fixed his mind on the most important thing. His hind. If he were to die, no-one else would stop the terrorising lead by Darth Vader.

"That's right, if I turn Vader back to good. We can beat the emperor and stop his plans," Said Kyp, in relation to his thoughts. The youngster stood up and began making his way into town, his next stop, the coronet cantina. A few locals would be handy here, the only way he would find Vader is by stormtroopers.

Kyp's plan is to huff up some trouble in the local cantina, and hopefully bring the attention of the empire. He still doesn't know that Emperor Palpatine was assasinated by his apprentice, Vader. The only thing he knows is that Vader will be turned to the light side of the force once and for all.
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Kyp Durron

 Post Posted: Fri May 20, 2005 4:31 pm    Post subject:
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Kyp arrived, feeling all too good after flexing his arms a bit earlier on. His arm just a bit stingy, but not too bad as the force was channelling through his cut aiding it constantly. The long haired youngling marched his way past an imperial patrol probot, it flashed red and caustiously approached Kyp. Kyp turned and brung out his hilt.

"Blast! Just what I need, probot units. Guess it's time to flash the light and bang the secret," He finished, withdrawing the hilt and flashing the violet blade that sprung from the weapon. His eyes widended as the bot launched several bolts of concussion, each radpidly deflected as the padawan stood back swiftly. He brought his saber up welcoming several other beams shattering off his brightly coloured saber and hacked forward activating the destruction inside of the unit. The area lit up with furiosity and the city sent stares at the remains.

Kyp managed to slide beyond the stormtroopers with all the comossion and wandered further into the cantina. He nodded to several dancers and performing entertainers in blizzardous sparkle suits to attract attention.

'Since when had dancing resolved in half-nude twilekians and humans such as myself,' He mused. Kyp sat near the bar, several meters away was a rodian looking uncomfortably bizzarre. Kyp stared back only to watch the bug eyed creep near him once again. Kyp relaxed, this wasn't what he needed but he could hopefully draw the attention around the back of the cantina without any commoners noticing.

"Curanga lat'uuna, sicze furunva zita - I caught your attention did I? Well, I'll be the last being you lay your eyes on, punk." Kyp understood well enough and stood up. "Fair enough, I'll leave..." But before Kyp could leave his seat, his shoulder was pushed down and he pretended to play with the assualt.

"Ok, let me make this worth your while. I'll toss you all some credits and get you a drink, how does that sound?" He asked each of the Rodians, who seemed to appear again and again. Four altogether accompanied by a armored twilek.

"Kudknfa feneka sum'ge' reg'a!! - A drink won't solve your eye-itching issues, scum!!" Kyp heard, so he turned to the bartender and back at the thug.

"Listen, I made you an offer. Either refuse or expect your behind to be lying somewhere in a trash compactor. I'm sick of your kind, so just back off and let me attend to my own drink." Kyp frustratingly advised, he picked up his cup and lifted the glass to his lips. The rodian grabbed the glass and slammed it down onto the table, splilling it all over the place. Including Kyp's robe.

"That's the last mistake you'll ever make, bug eye!" Kyp infuriated, taking his lightsaber out his pocket and activating it. The rodian backed off but the twilek and all the others continued approaching Kyp. Kyp carefully sawed through the edge of a vibroblade and kicked the rodian onto the floor. He then span around and back swung his saber impressively through the wrist of the twilek, unarming him immediately. Leaving only two rodians standing. A rodian on the floor in pain and another twilek grasping for his arm to be re-connected.

"I warned you but you didn't listen. I don't resolve matters like this with death, so once again, I'll tip you some credits for your pain. Buy yourself another cyber arm and get a home and some food." Kyp dropped 7000 credits onto the floor and they each took 1750 of their own accord. Kyp put away his saber and wondered out of the cantina. Awaiting him were several imperial officers accompanied by a hazardous stormtrooper captain and two dark troopers.

"Stop, you're the Jedi. Stay here, were calling backup, remain calm." he warned.
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