X-Wing Fighter Squadron "Zeltiin"
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Squad Commanding Officer: Division Captain Eliana Tamerin
Squad Executive Officer: Flight Lieutenant Dafe Joru
Squad Member: Pilot Officer Roran Dollum
Squad Member: Pilot Officer Rand Yelsi
Squad Member: Sergeant Mikt
Squad Member: Corporal Nalah
Squad Member: Corporal Hisri Kohr
Squad Member: Senior Airman Toran Selt
Squad Member: Airman First Class Rikki
Squad Member: Airman First Class Jaltu Coham
Squad Member: Airman Toby Doln
Squad Member: Airman Erich Falistad

Twelve bright flashes of light appeared near the planet Mon Calamari, fading to reveal twelve starfighters that quickly recovered from the transition to normal space, and headed towards the ocean world near which they had exited hyperspace. The blue-colored globe, a saphire gem in the blackness of space, was blotted with dark specks and shapes, which soon formed more clearly into squadrons of starfighters, freighters, capital ships, space stations, orbital shipyards, and various other ships and satellites.

Piloting the lead ship, the red-haired girl looked around, trying to visually identify the ships, or at least their class. She could make out a Chancellor-class Cruiser, a Venator-class Carrier and the unmistakeable shapes of both a Sovereign-class Dreadnaught and an Executer-class Star Destroyer. The young pilot shuddered at the sight of the Imperial ships, though necessary for the trial, she was nowhere near comfortable with their presence.

Addressing her squad for the first time since exiting hyperspace, the young squadron leader tried to sound confident, but her voice quavered, revealing her nervousness, "Zeltiin Squad, form up. Let's see if any ships need escorting."

It had only been a few months since her "liberation" from Darba's palace. She used the word lightly, since it had been her leading organizing the resistance and turning Darba's own staff against him. The Hutt had been handed over to the many bounty hunters that had frequented his palace, as there were warrants for the Hutt's arrest and capture from many sources. The Hutt's remaining belongs was divided among those who had participated in the coup, and the palace complex itself was handed over to her own closest associate, Welton, who had convinced the majority of the guards to fake ill and weak on the day that the coup occured, allowing her forces to easily take them down unharmed.

She had left the complex and left everything the Hutt had owned, not even taking a blaster or other type of sidearm. She wanted nothing more to do with Darba or his possessions. When Welton protested, she allowed him to send a few of his men to escort her to Mos Espa, and then return to the complex. She went to Mos Espa and signed up with the Galactic Alliance, which she had planned in the last few weeks before the coup. The Alliance, impressed with what had happened in Darba's palace, offered her a high ranking position in the Army. She declined, but then accepted a similar offer for a position within the Starfighter Corps.

After two months of training, her superior approached her with the details of this mission. It wasn't much, just escort what ships that needed to be escorted to where they needed to be, and patrol the system for enemy ships. The highest priority was to prevent the recapture of the defendent of the trial by his forces. But with all the warships and defenses here, she seriously doubted that something of that nature would take place.

[Oooh, the Rookie Commander's giving an order.] That was Airman First Class Jaltu Coham's voice.

The young pilot felt embarrassed. She hadn't been with the squad for a long time, and although her rank was deemed temperary by the Alliance Command, it still put her high in the ranks of the officers. Without experience to back it up, she had no other explanation to her squadron other than that the Alliance Command saw her as fit for the rank and duty. Unfortunately for her, that explanation was something that Airman First Class Coham thought was could be mocked and toyed with. He had dubbed her "the Rookie Commander" only a few days after her initial introductions to the squad, and since that point, there seemed to be no end to the comments.

Not a day had gone by when Coham hadn't mocked her or showed her some sort of disrespect, such as giving her a mocking look, imitating her, or convincing his buddies, Airman First Class Rikki and Airman Toby Doln, to do similar acts. She had tried to go to her superior with the problem, but he had told her that the best way to make them stop was to show that she wouldn't tolerate their behavior. At first, she acted on this, becoming tough and by-the-book with discipline. But Coham found ways around this, and mocked her while doing his disciplinary duties. Soon, she found that simply ignoring him was best. While that still allowed him to continue, she hoped that he would see that it didn't affect her, or at least that was the image that she portrayed.

[Oh this is complicated. Form up. Do you want me flanking Cohan or do you want me behind him? Or ahead of him. What if I don't remember how we did things in training?] Airman Toby Doln said, prompting Cohan and Rikki to burst out laughing.

[She gives orders, now does she? Let's see if she can order me back from this.] That was Airman First Class Rikki, in his giddy Rodian voice that she had gotten used to hearing, usually accompanied with taunts and jokes directed at her. As with Airman Doln's words, the other two of the trio burst out laughing.

[That's enough, now. Airman Rikki, rejoin the squadron. The rest of you, form up. This isn't daycare.] Flight Lieutenant Dafe Joru's voice cut through the laughter of the three pilots. They were silent, and the young squadron leader watched on her screen as the green blip that indicated Airman First Class Rikki's ship rejoined the formation. The rest of the squadron assembled their ships into formation.

"Thank you, Flight Lieutenant. Now, let's see who needs an escort," the young pilot still occupying the lead position said into her comm unit. Muting her squadron channel, she opened up her comm unit to hail the Alliance ships around the planet. After gathering her confidence, she spoke, "Alliance ships, this is Zeltiin Squad, standing by to assist or escort. Is there any request for assistance or escort?"
Eliana Tamerin
Division Captain
Zeltiin Squad CO
Starfighter Corps
Galactic Alliance

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