Castle of Minas Morgul
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The Knights are like the Nazgul of LOTR

The eerie Castle of Minas Morgul loomed ahead of the human replica droid, known as Ryan Davad. His boredom had led him to the recently created Castle of the Geonosian Knight Lords. They were known for their cruelty, yet unwavering yield of justice. They sentenced all guilty to the most severe of punishments. The gates were guarded by a pair of the most strange of creatures, Ryan had ever seen. They roared as Ryan approached, the sheer image of these brutes would scare the bravest of intruders.

Ryan continued calming the creatures as he made his way towards the entrance. The creatures roared with anger and stomped around, angry at those stopping them from ripping the droid apart. Ryan entered the main entrance, relieved that the creatures had not pulverized him with a smash of their hammers. The blasters and weapons those creatures were carrying was terrifying.

Ryan breathed more easily as he was inside the castle, yet a swarm of Destroyer Droids and snipers had their sites on him. Ryan smirked and said, "I am Ryan Davad of the Lady. Wishing to speak to the Knights of Minas Morgul..."

They nodded and rolled away, a single Geonosian remaining. It clicked and responded, Not many come to visit. Luckily one of our security monitors recognized you.. Ryan couldn't agree more. The Geonosian continued, Come. This way..

The amount of security the Knights of Minas Morgul went through was absolutely amazing. Ryan saw creatures he thought were extinct, yet were alive and protecting the very castle he was standing in. This place was a literal fortress and no sane person would attempt to break in. Ryan's concentration was broken by a nursery of some sort. His curiosity sent him inside, followed closely with the Geonosian, and he found a wide variety of creatures. The small hatching creature stared up and into the eyes of the Human Replica Droid.

Ryan's fingers moved to help the creature but the Geonosian spat his disapproval.

It is a warrior of the Knights. Do not touch. the Geonosian commanded. Normally, Ryan would have been able to touch or interact with anything he wished. Now it seems, the Knights ruled. Ryan moved away his hand as the creature whimpered.

They continued down the long corridor, the Geonosian keeping a close eye on Ryan, not allowing his curiosity to dwell on anything behind doors. Ryan eyed a chamber that was dedicated towards the arts of weapon and technology, but knew the Geonosian would not allow him to enter.

They passed a closed balcony. "What is the balcony for? Geonosian access?"

The Geonosian paused, it seemed to be delighted in Ryan's question. Just then the balcony opened. A roaring and fire breathing creature was seen through the cracks of the open doors. Ryan stood without moving looking at the imported creature as it soared towards the opening crevice. It landed with violent demeanor. It looked at Ryan and roared while snapping its jaws playfully.

Ryan wanted to take more time to admire the creature, but was asked to continue the journey towards the Knight's Center. Ryan took one last look at the fire menace as they disappeared into the corridors. The Knights of Minas Morgul had an interesting creature list. They had door guardians of unimagible size, dragons, breeding grounds for all sorts of menaces, and others that Ryan had yet to witness.

His mind continued to jog on what he had seen, but it was broken as they arrived at the Knight's Center. The doors opened, a pair of Geonosains were dragging a screaming man. A verdict had been drawn. The man screamed in agony, his voice echoing in the halls. His eyes saw Ryan Davad and they begged for mercy. "HELP ME!" he shouted, but a Geonosian silenced him with a Force Pike.

Ryan was ushered into the audience room. The Nine Knights sitting across an eerie panel. Spikes, illuminated across the room with automatic blaster panels everywhere. It seems if the prisoner attempted anything, he would be dead within under a second.

"Ryan Davad, Droid Lord of Arbra." the cloaked figure of Völundr stated, "What brings you to Minas Morgul?"

Ryan cleared his throat, "The Lady of Geonosis. What was that man’s sentence?"

The second cloaked Knight, Hjörvard, spoke, "His fate was doomed when he committed the act of rape. He will be fed to one of the caged Rancors at dawn." Ryan asked if that was a little barbaric, "Not on Geonosis." the Knight responded.

Ryan knew it wasn't going to get him any where if he continued to question their justice so he asked another question, "How did you know of my title?" Very few knew of his Droid Lord dub from the Arbrian inhabitants. The Knight's lifted their heads, the long black cloaks still covering their faces. A click was heard and a small creature was released. It fluttered around the room, doing circles in the air then landed on Ryan's shoulder. It was a native of Arbra. In fact it was Herculem, Ryan's companion at the time!

"Herculem!" Ryan stated surprised, then realized it had been locked up in the Castle with these knights. Ryan looked up to the cloaked individuals. "Why was he imprisoned?"

Knight Fëanor rose from his feet pointing to the creature, "He was accused of treason. A trial was brought forth, we found him not guilty. It was before the man."

Ryan nodded, glad Herculem was no longer under investigation. The Knights rose to their feet, "Now excuse us, Lord of Arbra, but we must fly. A conference with the southern hemisphere." Ryan nodded. They left through the walls, ordering the Geonosian to lead Ryan out of their domain.


Ryan and Herculem left through a side door, patrolled by hundreds of various guardians. He saw a black ribbon in the red skies of Geonosis, the Knights were on their dragons, soaring towards the far reaches of Geonosis. An impressive display, but Ryan preferred the use of speeders and atmospheric transport. A couple of Geonosians were relieved to see Ryan return to the speeder and slammed on the accelerator back towards the Public Communications Spire.

Alatáriël Pallanén, Lady of Geonosis

Ryan Davad, HRD Sentient Droid

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