Rambaldi's Hand, Deep Underground
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"ARLYN! STOP! THIS ISN'T THE ANSWER!" Ryan shouted to his beloved thanagarian. She couldn't do it. She couldn't! Ryan moved towards her, but flinched as she neared death even more.

The beaten Thanagarian stood with a blaster pistol to her head, dangling over a cliff that was over six miles below ground. An odd waterfall rested several yards away, it tumbled into the black abyss. Several Rambaldi followers stood around looking at her, their eyes carefully evaluating the situation. Arlyn moved near the cliff her eyes bleeding with tears.

"Good bye my love." She said softly and pulled the trigger. The screech of the blaster shot rang throughout the caverns and the angel fell from the corner of the cliff, her bloody body falling into the lightless pit below.

*** Five Hours Earlier ***

Arlyn laughed at the breakfast table as Ryan concluded his joke. Her hand moving in front of her mouth to attempt to contain the outbursts. The waiter handed them a holo-padd version of 'Coronet Daily'. Arlyn took a glance at it and froze. The ice caverns of the Dembassan Architects.

"I've seen this before..." Arlyn said taking the holo-image closer to her face. Ryan moved his chair so he was side by side. Her mouth opened in surprise. "The Chalactian Prophecy...Rambaldi's Hand." Arlyn's photographic memory brought the record of the prophecy within mental view.

"The Levia's Angel shall visit my Hand. The depicted image shows the location of the Sword of Valinite. The Angel shall unlock powers of the heavens."

Something stirred within the Thanagarian, her heart mustered with curiousity. Something was there. Could thousands of years of prophecy and revelation be real? Was she meant to find the sword? Without thinking she said, "I have to find the Sword of Valinite."

Ryan looked up, his eyes full of confusion, "Why? That's only a myth."

Arlyn shook her head, "I should've showed you the prophecy...Something is telling me its there." Her voice trailed off, "Miss? Here." Arlyn pulled out a credit padd and typed in the figures. She handed it to the elderly woman and added, "The rest is tip." The woman nodded and and took a look at the padd. Her eyes swelled in emotion as she mouthed 'Three million credits!!!'. The wrinkled woman threw herself onto the Thanagarian sobbing into her shoulder. Arlyn looked her in the eyes and suggested a use for the credits, "Swedarians is a wonderful place, generations should enjoy it." The woman nodded thanking the Lady of Geonosis over and over. Arlyn collected Ryan's hand and together they left and collected a taxi.


The holo-taxi pulled out in front of the opening of the taverns. Arlyn dished out the neccesary credits and together her and Ryan stepped infront of them. Arlyn scanned the place and whispered, "This is it." Ryan looked at her oddly but his mouth refused to say what he actually thought. The Thanagarian treaded forward, the grass parting in her wake.

The rolling green hills seemed out of place, with a revealed opening in Corellia's crust. It was recently uncovered, yet no reporters were around to suggest its importance. Bllue skies overhead, not even a single cloud to hint despair. They stopped at the opening, seeing clearly that it was the entrance.

At the entrance of Rambaldi's Hand a single native serpent sat curled. The sound of their treading feet, awoke the creature and it slithered its way towards the two intruders, hissing madly. Its fangs dripping with a fatal poison, its eyes reaching Ryan's. He carefully moved to pick up a large rock, his arm arching to slay the creature.

Arlyn held out her hand, "No." The prophecy was amazingly accurate. A spawn of the Ancient Serpent would greet her at each leg of the journey. The Thanagarian stared at the creature and spread her wings. The snake hissed, but feeling either destiny's call of retreat or fear, it parted and disappeared into the caverns. Ryan looked at her but she only pressed forward.

"I hope you enjoy hiking." Arlyn said softly observing the entrance. Arlyn was the only one to notice Rambaldi's symbol on the side:



'The Eye' was Rambaldi's trademark. This was now a confirmed pathway that was destined thousands of years before. But how was this possible? Arlyn was not one for faith and each step proved her realistic mindset: wrong.

Ryan loyally followed not questioning the brunnette woman until they stopped for a drink of fresh water, "Arlyn, please....The Sword does not exist down here, let's go back."

"Oh it does." A voice said behind them, "And she is getting closer and closer. Pretty little thing, isn't she?" A large dark man asked an older cloaked figure. The dark man was holding a blaster, wearing a uniform that matched a well known terrorist gang. A Pure-Human group. Oddly, he was alone, normally these thugs travelled in packs.

Arlyn defensively took a stance as did her HRD counterpart. The dark man, with broad and stong shoulders turned to older figure that looked as if he was dragged to the caverns and forced to hike with neither food nor water. The dark man's voice sent chills throughout Arlyn's back, "Looks like destiny will be prevented yet again. Your Chalactian beliefs are false, old man." He raised a blaster and pointed it to the older man's head.

Arlyn cleared her throat, attempting to relax the terrorist, "You belong to the Chalactian race as well...You know the eternal consequences."

The man's eyes turned to venom as he looked at Arlyn, "I'm all biological, doll face. I denounced my religion years ago. I have yet to see of some 'angel', thanagarian."

Arlyn nodded and responded carefully, "Shooting this man will only provide legal hardships for yourself. Let him go and talk to us instead." The old man whimpered. He looked at Arlyn as if he was a traitor, a fool, a failure.

The large man shook his head, "No...I can't do that..." He smirked, "I'm proving I can obtain the sword. Not some female bit--"

Ryan's voice was firm and strong, "Do not call her that." Instantly the pirate-faced man turned his blaster on Ryan. Arlyn put herself between the blaster and Ryan. The old man sprung from his locked feet and attempted to take the blaster, but was shot between the ribs. Arlyn looked away as Ryan grabbed her and moved her behind his protective stance.

The scruffy man laughed, "Some priest." Three more individuals appeared, gasping for air. The murderer turned to face his band of killers, "This Father is no longer needed. They will lead us to the Sword." His head pointed in Arlyn and Ryan's position. "Get walking and stay where we can see you!" They ordered waiving their rifles in the air.

Arlyn nodded and turned whispered to Ryan, "Do not do anything. Who knows how many they have. They normally travel in a group of ten, I only see four."

Ryan nodded and his eyes glared ahead. His powerful intelligence thinking of millions of exit strategies. And if Arlyn was harmed, Ryan's anger and protective emotions would interfere.


Rushing water was heard ahead as they were pressed on for hours into the caverns. Ryan and Arlyn were split, five guards scattered around Ryan as five were with Arlyn. Exactly the pack the terrorist group was known to travel with. Although Ryan created millions of scenarios, none of them gave him a high probability of both of them surviving. He had to wait til they were all equally distracted.

While walking Ryan had managed to observe the symbol ' <O> ' on several of the terrorists hands. "Whats that symbol for?" Ryan asked with a bored tone.

The man looked disgusted but answered with a thick Coruscant accent, "Rambaldi's Eye, we managed to infilitrate his order. With this little mark." Ryan nodded and remained silent. Not enough guards were involved. "What is a human like yourself doing with a creature with wings?" The man asked boldly.

Ryan looked at him and answered truthfully, "I love her." The terrorist spat at Ryan's feet and moved on. The man's response was cruel and sent a very unpleasant feeling into Ryan's conscience, "The next time you see her, she wont be so pretty."


The harsh rock bruised Arlyn's face as she was tossed against it. One of the terrorists learned not to touch her wings, but Arlyn paid dearly for her well placed kick. She wiped her lip, blood dribbingly down the palm of her hand. Her eye was swollen, her cheek bone bruised with mutiple slaps, a single feather missing, and her lip was now gushing with blood.

The only reason she was putting up the brutality was for Ryan. If she did not press forward and reveal the Sword's location, he would be killed. Arlyn sighed wishing she had never heard of Rambaldi. It was a foolish spontantous manuever that put him in this mess. But according to the prophecy they were growing closer. A waterfall was ahead.


A black abyss of empty space laid before the twelve individuals. Arlyn stood beaten worse than before and near the edge of the cliff. Ryan's eyes not leaving her. Her gaze looked downwards, nothing existing over the edge except...a shimmer... The sword?

A terrorist approached her with his blaster outstretched towards her face. A drop of blood splattered from her lip and soaked against the rocks. Arlyn's tears held for a moment as she looked into Ryan's eyes. His eyes grew wide, anticipating the move.

Arlyn launched as her elbow smashed into the terrorist's face and her leg crushed his kneecap. With a hard shove, he tumbled over the side and into the dark abyss screaming in pain as Arlyn shouted, "FREEZE!"

All nine of the remaining blaster rifles aimed at Ryan and Arlyn in a wide circle. "Drop it or we splatter him." The leader declared.

Arlyn grinned, "I found the Sword of Valinite!" Her voice triumphant, "And only one with wings may reach it!" She howled with laughter, almost crazed. Arlyn played with the blaster in her hands, carefullying switching it secretly. The man stepped towards Ryan his rifle pointing at his face. Arlyn pointed the weapon to herself, grinning. "I have nothing to lose." The figures stopped and backed away from Ryan, "The Sword will never be released."

"ARLYN! STOP! THIS ISN'T THE ANSWER!" Ryan shouted at her, his eyes pleading with every emotion he had.

Oh come on Ryan she thought. She whispered after finishing, "Good bye my love." Her eyes watering with tears as she pulled the trigger and fell into the deep and neverending darkness.

3,000,000cr. now belongs to the NPC Cafe owner of Swedarians
Alatáriël Pallanén, Lady of Geonosis

Ryan Davad, HRD Sentient Droid
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The air rushed past the thanagarian as she free fell into the deep darkness of the underground cavern. Her eyes opened dramatically as the stun setting wore off. Her wings feeling the current around them, opened widely. She flapped and landed hard on the side of the cliff. Her bloody hands clung onto the side, drops of blood dripping into the unknown depth.

Arlyn looked upwards, light and near silent screams were echoing from above. Arlyn began to climb, her broken fingers aching with each step upwards. The shimmer... She was drawing closer. Her bones cracked sending a wave of pain throughout her body, but she pressed forward. The sound of the above was growing louder. Arlyn used her wings to flutter to the spot with a gold handle sticking out of the rock wall. Her eyes examined the golden metal for a second, her wings suspending her in midair as time seem to slow.

Arlyn looked below her to see darkness and death. Above her was light and hope. Her hand reached out, the blood dripping from her fingertips. Her hand wrapped around the handle and she pulled. The strange sword was revealed and a powerful glow issued from the ancient weapon. It had strange edges, curved in ways that wasn't meant for combat...

Arlyn looked upwards and her wings began to flap against the still air. The ascending motions were strenuous but she pressed forward, the rhythm not wavering. She was almost into the light....Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, the hard beating of her wings brought her to the top and she landed roughly. The deadly scene of all the terrorist members laid dead before her, their necks or arms twisted oddly out of place.

Ryan was sitting in the corner, his sobs echoing slightly. Arlyn moved towards him, her body ready to collapse into the eternal darkness of death. Her suffering would end for all time if she allowed it to happened, but she forced her legs forward and toward the man she loved. Ryan sat with his hands over his head, tears dropping to his cheeks. It was in this moment Aryln wasn't sure who was in the most pain.

Arlyn bent down, laying the sword at her side and pulled at his hands, causing her blood to spill onto his arm. Ryan looked up and his face stopped, not sure how to react. He stumbled with his words, his hand outstretching to touch her face. The tears of sadness ended, but the tears of joy began. Arlyn looked into his eyes as her strength began to fail her. "Ryan..." she began but he put his finger to her lips and began to tear off his sleeves.

"You're going to be fine, you are going to make it!" he sounded more of attempting to convince himself than Arlyn. Arlyn collapsed into Ryan's arms her eyes struggling to be kept open.

"Ryan, I...I..." she stuttered with the lack of strength, "Love you." she finished and her eyes closed.

Ryan finished the last of the temporary bands around her arms and picked up the sword she had collected from below. He tied it to his waist. He reached down, picking up his fallen angel and began to run at full speed towards the exit. His ‘adrenaline’ programming of survival was at its peak. Moments ago he was contemplating his value in the galaxy without the woman in his arms, but now that she was with him, he would not allow her to die.

The cavern flashed by as the Human Replica Droid sprinted towards the entrance. His nose was detecting fresh oxygen as he pressed forward, not stopping for a break. Her life was literally in his hands and he would not fail the woman he loved.

The entrance was in view as Ryan took out one of the communicators he took from the terrorists. The signal was lost beyond contact, most likely jammed. He scanned the area and found the terrorist’s hover vehicle. Ryan laid Arlyn out in the backseat, carefully positioning her wings. He hopped into the front and hacked into the nervous system of the computer. The engine roared to life within seconds and it sped away towards the nearest hospital.

Alatáriël Pallanén, Lady of Geonosis

Ryan Davad, HRD Sentient Droid
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