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With a loud bang that made James sure that this heap would never return to Coruscant, the hunk of second rate hull panels James was flying returned to realspace. The atmospheric disturbances present in Belsavis' volcanic atmosphere would tear this ship apart, so a different route would be needed. That route was known to smugglers as the Corridor.

Relying solely on his sensors, James entered the atmosphere at the one point where it was stable. Still the ride down was full of turbulence, and about as uncomfortable as they come. He came in harder than anticipated, mostly because the brake thrusters failed. He ploughed into ice, carving a a ragged gash across the surface of the landing pad.

Cursing silently to himself, James grabbed a blaster and climbed out the topside hatch. He made his way quickly to the nearest tunnel, and set off towards the largest of Belsavis' domed cities, where his quarry sat, unsuspecting.

A grav-sled was waiting just inside the entrance, its crude design a testament to the galaxy's continuing mistrust of smugglers and their brethren, for no other being used the Corridor. James climbed aboard, and strapped himself in. A mercifully short, nauseating ride later, he was at the domed city.

A trip to the records deparment of the city told him all that he wanted to know. He found the address of his quarry, and rented a unit right beside it. Even during the day, a womans shouts and screams echoed across the hall. Men regularly visited, but few left. While he was here, he cencelled his order with CEC. He had not seen his ship, and had recieved no explanation. Consequently he was without a ship for this leg of the journey.

That was no problem, though as he intended to find a smuggler in the one of the many pubs that adorned this facility. There was still one matter left to attend to, aside from his transport off this rock. Setting his blaster for stun, he kicked opened to door to the apartment. A child stood in the entryway, a young boy. James raised his blaster and squeezed the trigger. The boy crumpled to the floor. His mother heard him fall and came out, screaming. James fired again, the mother collapsing next to her son.

Curious as to what the woman had been doing with the men that had arrived, he walked around her apartment. There was not a single thing out of place. That meant only one thing, there was a hidden room somewhere. He walked through the kitchen, ready to return to his unconscious quarries when a human landed on his head, trying to bite his neck. He threw he person across the room and drew his blaster pistol, pumping three shots into its face before it hit the wall.

Turning, he slung one of his captive over each shoulder before walking back across the landing to his room. He tied them up and stuck them in the closet before returning to the street. Across the road from where he was staying, there was a pub, renowned on Belsavis for the quality of its pilots.

He entered, the weapon scanners going nuts as he walked past. He withdrew a blade and buried it in the mechanical guts of the antiquated machine then, flipping a few credits to the barkeep, proceeded to scope the bar for a possible pilot. He found a likely looking fellow, hunched in the corner over his corellian whiskey.

James sat down opposite and ordered the same.

"Something I can get you, stranger?"
"I need passage to the Manaan system, are you familiar with it?"
"I might be, whats the cargo."
"Myself, two passengers, and no questions asked."

The figure sat up a little straighter. James could almost hear the dollar signs going off in his head.

"What is it, some kind of local trouble."
"You see, that would qualify as a question, being you wanting to know something. Passage to Manaan, three people leaving now. Are you in or are you out."
"I'm in, I guess," the man grunted, "30,000 credits."

James laughed loudly.

"Well at least you have a sense of humor. But here's the thing. I don't. Now I could hang you by your throat onto this wall behind me, and take your ship myself, or you could take the fifteen that I'm offering and take me to Manaan."

Fear was evident in the man's eyes.

"Alright, alright, relax, I was just trying to make some money, can't blame a guy for trying right?"
"Right," said James, showing his lack of amusement with the situation. His drink arrived and he drained the glass in one go, motioning with the smuggler to follow him.

They went back up to his apartment.

"Wait here," said James, as he went into the bedroom and retrieved the bodies. He returned, and gave the boy to the smuggler.

"Carry him. Lets go."
"Great, just what I need."

James and the smuggler made the short walk to the grav-sled and returned to to landing pads, climbing aboard the smuggler's YT-1300 and blasting of into space towards Manaan.

James in en route to Manaan

James Vita


Salan Vita
Coruscant Private Hospital CEO
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