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The hot sand was nothing compared to the harsh surface of Geonosis. But the suns reminded her of her past, her only home besides Thanagar. Her past was difficult and it was with the Galactic Alliance she found her first home outside the isolated planet. Her eyes scanned the surface and instantly armed troopers entered and sorrounded the female. She held her arms up, her eyes darting back into the CR90 looking into Ryan's hurtful eyes. She then stepped forward and allowed herself to be taken into 'custody'. She was lead through a maze of cooridors and rooms, but because of her memory, she knew almost exactly where she was. Leia Organa Solo and the current intelligence chief, Ma'shi were sitting. The infamous Ackbar sat via holo-projector.

Ma’shi merely nodded to the guards as they brought Arlyn into the room. Ma’shi had a strong dislike of this woman; even though the two had never met Luke had told her stories of her escapades and her betrayal. “Alatáriël Pallanén, welcome back to Tatooine.”

Ackbar's shimmering image turned toward the door as the Thanagarian was escorted in. He studied her with his bulbous eyes, but remained quiet for the time being.

Organa Solo also looked up from her batch of weekly reports, observing the Thanagarian as she entered. "Yes," she said, a slight smile on her lips. "Welcome."

Arlyn nodded and smiled only to Leia and Ackbar. "Thank You. It has been a while." Her eyes laid on the hologram. "Admiral, your battles are legendary, and I wish I could've fought with you at Endor, but I was under assignment in the Hutt regions I'm afraid. It would have been an honor and privilage." Her eyes turned to the young woman, "And Miss Organa-Solo, thank you for allowing me to redeem myself and return my allegiance. I will follow you to the very end of my days." Her eyes and face secured by years of training, looked at Ma'shi. No doubt the lies of the Intel previous leader did not filter to this individual. "I prefer Agent Pallanén."

Leia observed Arlyn as she gave her greetings. "Please, sit down," she said, gesturing to a chair.

Ackbar bobbed his head in thanks "I appreciate your words...and welcome..."

Arlyn bowed her head and sat in the seat, waiting for the woman Ma'shi to respond.

"The choice of whether or not your title of Agent is reinstated rests with me, until then I will call you Miss Pallanén.” Ma’shi sounded hopeful that this agent would indeed return to active duty soon, but she had been away for so long… “May I ask, just out of my own interest, Why you would give up the title of 'Lady of Geonosis' and return to the Alliance?”

Arlyn's face did not change at the question. "And why would I have to give up my title, Miss Ma'shi? You have failed to realize a Geonosian custom. The Geonosians have devoted their very lives to me and I to them. We have formed a unique sort of bond. Whether I rule the planet or not, I will always be called the Lady of Geonosis. Or the Ang de Geo."

Ma’shi inclines her head, “I apologise, I will rephrase, you rule Geonosis, why would you give that up?”

Arlyn's smile soon faded, "I will officially resign from the position of power, if this council wills it." Arlyn knew perfectly well the Geonosians would not allow it. They would always follow her.

Leia continued to observe the two talk. "If you want a position in intelligence, I'm afraid you will no longer be able to rule Geonosis...but perhaps it could be arranged for you to visit?" She hinted with a glance towards Ma'shi.

Ma’shi smiled, “Well if Geonosis was to join the Alliance we would have to have some sort of outpost there, and the chief of Geonosian Intelligence would have to be someone familiar with the lands and the people…”

Arlyn's smile disappeared and her hidden glance of annoyance rippled throughout her body. "I did not return simply to become 'Chief of Geonosian Intelligence'. I have that title already. I have come to bring organization to the Galactic Alliance. Tell me, Miss Ma'shi. Where have you been? My reports shows that you have been absent from the Galactic Alliance and Galaxy affairs for quite some time.... I came here to replace you."

Leia began to speak before Ma'shi could respond. "Arlyn, you must understand the Alliance cannot allow someone who has been away for so long to simply come back and rise to one of the highest positions in the Alliance."

Ma'shi frowned, "Your reports are incorrect, which is good because no one is meant to know where I am at times. I was instrumental in Mr Ford’s Lambda hand over; I have been deep in cover with the New Jedi Order and have also been assisting in the establishment of the embassy on Coruscant, among other things. So you might say… I’ve been keeping busy.”

Arlyn gleamed, "I see. Your assistance in Calias Ketra's murder was perhaps involved as well. If you were truly an agent within the New Jedi Order, you would know who Mr. Jase Denora is;The man that killed Calias Ketra. If you were within their ranks you sent no reply to your fellow ally, Ketra? Or have you forgotten that the Alliance and Lambda was in league with one another at the time? Either way, you are a betrayer in my eyes and I saw no motivation to return to such an organization. It was actually Admiral Ackbar, that persuaded me finally that it was the proper time for me, Lady of Geonosis, to return. As I pledged my fleet to his against the confused and derranged Emperor Brote Heckler." Her eyes continued to stare at Ma'shi. "Sadly, I learned you were alive a bit too late. Otherwise I probably would not be here today. It is not that I don't trust the rest of the Galactic Alliance, it is I don't trust the one that still remains in a considerable amount of power."

"But frankly, I'm not about to surrender my Intelligence Chief for someone that walked out on us a long time ago," she added, pausing for effect. "However, I want you back, Arlyn. You know me well enough to know that I can not put you in such high a position right now."

Ackbar cleared his throat and sat forward in the chair he was sitting in "I can ensure you that Colonel Ma'shi is doing her job...with that said, I will need to concur with what Organa Solo has stressed...we would love to welcome you with open arms...I just wish we can come to an agreement..."

Ma’shi looked at Arlyn, “As Intelligence Chief it is my job to be a mystery. As for your reference to Mr Denora, if you recall he killed Mr Ketra before he joined the NJO, therefore there was nothing for me to report.” Ma’shi took a sip from a glass of water before continuing, “Master Skywalker has been found and confronted on several occasions, but if you would like to go one on one...with the most powerful Jedi in all history of their kind, go to Denon, you’ll find him just about to enter the Command Building.”

Arlyn, knowing the Intelligence Agency was now doomed to a foul and lazy leader, nodded, "Very well. I have filed a report of my history, rather detailed and should fulfill your needs. I will resign in Intelligence, seeing as I no longer wish to serve with Ma'shi. But I do not resign from the Galactic Alliance. I will fulfill any position you are willing to grant me and it is in my ability and best attitude to do so."

Leia sighed and looked toward the ground. "Colonel, you may be dismissed. Please wait outside for my debrief."

Ma’shi stood at attention before turning towards the door; before she exited Ma’shi looked at Arlyn, “The main janitor’s closet is on level four.”

Arlyn ignored the comment.

A raspy sigh escaped Ackbar's lips at the Colonel's comment

Ma'shi opened the door and stepped through it.

"Please forgive the Colonel," Leia said after she had left the room. "We're all a little stressed from the actions of my brother on Denon. I'm sure she's affected as well"

"Ma'am, sir." Arlyn said looking to Leia then to Ackbar, "I apologize. I have never agreed with Ma'shi."

Leia nodded and looked back at Arlyn. "With that, I suppose you'd like a position on Geonosis."

Arlyn watched in horror as the Galactic Alliance leader told her simply to go back to Geonosis. She nodded as if feeling the banishment come upon her, "If that is how you wish, I shall return to Geonosis." Arlyn picked up the report of her entire life, it seemed, and slid it across the table to Leia.

Leia studied her, sensing her hurt feelings. "That IS what you want, isn't it? To be back in the Alliance while being able to be with the Geonosians?"

Arlyn eyed the woman carefully, "Not exactly. I do wish to be with the Geonosians and with-hold my title of 'Lady of Geonosis' but I will not be the planetary leader. That path lies with the young man." She paused, "The man, Draco Ketra. Heir to the throne."

"Then what is it you want to do?" Leia asked.

Arlyn studied her thoughts for a moment and said, "Is that Alliance Security position still available?"

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Alatáriël Pallanén, Lady of Geonosis

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Sly Est entered the Alliance debriefing room, her wits at their highest. How easy this will be she thought highly, Its only a matter of time. The elegant Umbarian waited for the Alliance individual that would debrief her.
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