The Dark Side
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 Post Posted: Thu Jan 12, 2006 9:07 pm    Post subject: The Dark Side
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The Dark Side
A view of the Force as given by Darth Vader

The Force is a power connected to all life in the Galaxy. A wondrous thing of great magnitude, the Force is present in all living beings. For millennia upon millennia, people have attempted to learn more about the depths of its power. Such a group of people is the Jedi Order. However, the Jedi have a flawed logic to base their knowledge on. They have a narrowed and limited view of the Force, expanding their knowledge in only one area of its vastness. They claim their self-appointed quest of benevolence is the correct way of the Force, but they know nothing of its entirety. They have not explored any aspects beyond their own dogmatic principles, and they find themselves in a position of self-righteous glory to disdain any that oppose their views. I speak, of course, of the Dark side.

What is the Dark side? The Dark side is the side of the Force that deals with knowledge and powers that the Jedi fear. They fear it because they do not know it. Before dealing with the Force, one must understand that concepts of good and evil are a point of view. What is good to one person could be morally corrupt to another. For every opinion, there is an equal and opposite opinion held by another. The terms “dark” and “light” are not evil or good in themselves. Each holds no ethical value and is used as labels for different aspects of the Force by the Jedi to convert followers to their cause. The truth is, the Jedi are only afraid of losing their base of support and will go to great lengths to shame and disdain those that would expose them.

Why do people such as the Jedi fear the Dark side? They have two disagreements with its use. Firstly, they believe it is unnatural. However, it draws from the same Force that they draw their power from. They hide the power of the Dark side away from their members in an effort to keep their order in power. So, what makes the Dark side so unnatural? The Jedi claim that it is its power to restore life to those that are dying. Can a power such as saving a life be evil? Life is a precious thing, so protecting it cannot be evil.

Secondly, the Jedi disdain its source. The Dark side draws its powers from emotions, notably anger. However, the Dark side does not exclusively rely on anger. It has also been notably connected to emotions as beautiful as love. In the case of anger, a user of the Dark side has done what the Jedi foolishly refuse to do. The Jedi wrongly ignore and hide away their feelings of anger. They refuse to realize that such a practice is inevitably dangerous. Welling up too much anger results in a hazardous release of it that may kill any in the path of such an outburst. The difference between a Sith and a Jedi, however, is that a Sith has explored his emotions and learned to control them. A Sith is not prone to such chaotic flare. The practiced and practical Sith has delved deep into his own heart and mind to discover his true self. Whereas the Jedi can never truly know the Force, the Sith knows both sides of it and himself, not afraid of the truth.

Furthermore, I believe a story of the Jedi and Sith from times past. In the waning days of the Old Republic before the birth of the Empire, there was a decisive turning point in the Galaxy. The Clone Wars had ravaged the Galaxy for nearly three years. The war raged on in the reaches of the Outer Rim, lead by the seemingly benevolent Jedi Knights. However, appearances are deceiving. The Supreme Chancellor, and to be Emperor, Palpatine was in grave danger. It seemed the Jedi had ulterior motives in mind. After the final battle on the planet Utapau, a group of Jedi was sent to assassinate Palpatine so that they could subjugate their rule over the Galaxy. Palpatine defended himself as best he could against the Jedi menace. However, to no avail, he was cornered and about to be slain by Jedi Master Mace Windu. How, then, did he survive?
At the time, I was a member of the Jedi Order and they had asked me to do immoral things. They had asked me to spy on my friend, the Chancellor. From that point on, I suspected the Jedi plot, but did not act. On that fateful day that Palpatine would have been murdered, I arrived on the scene just in time to stop Mace Windu. Our only resort was to kill the Jedi who’s only thought was the rule of the Jedi.

So, now I ask, who is the true evil of the Galaxy? If it is Palpatine, then I pity your narrow-mindedness. Palpatine was, of course, elected to the position that the Jedi tried to take by force. The Sith have a complete knowledge of the Force, having explored a broader aspect of its dimension and powers. If a quest for a greater knowledge through a larger view is evil, then perhaps we shouldn't school children and instead make them into manual laborers, bereft of education, knowledge, passion for learning, or for life.
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 Post Posted: Thu Jan 12, 2006 9:37 pm    Post subject:
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What about the idea that there is no "light" or "dark"? What is your take on that? Would it be true that there is no side of the force, that the force is in essence, balanced and what you do with that knowledge that defines your chacter. You keep reffering to your veiw on the force as the "dark side". Why not call it just the force? Maybe the people like the jedi do not wish the force to be drawn on through emotion because of what happens when people do?
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 Post Posted: Sat Jan 14, 2006 11:30 am    Post subject:
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An excellent read, Darth.

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 Post Posted: Sat Jan 14, 2006 6:10 pm    Post subject:
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Agree and disagree on many points I do. Anakin, I agree with you that the dark side is not unnatural. I do however see that using anger, hatred to draw power from the force as a terrible thing. Now, with love, compassion, drawing the force from these emotions and feelings is a good thing. I myself have done that. I believe that the Jedi Order should not have feared some powers as they did, as long as a Jedi did not derive his power through anger and hatred.

You are also greatly mistaken Anakin, and forgotten the past you have. The Jedi did not try to take over. The Chancellor was trying to take over, and take 100% control of the galaxy, and render the Senate worthless. That is not a republic, or democracy. The Jedi Order asked you Anakin to spy on him because he couldnt be trusted. He had managed to stay in power far longer than he should have. Let me remind the people who were not old enough to remember the role of the Chancellor in the Republic. The Chancellor would be elected to a term of 4 years. Chancellor Palpatine used these "emergency powers" to stay in power for 13 years.

Anakin When Mace Windu, Kit Fisto, Saesee Tiin, Agen Kolar went to arrest him, he murdered Master Kisto, Master Tiin, Master Kolar. When Mace backed him into a corner, he had to be killed. He was a Sith, and he had too much control. Would he have been tried in courts, he would have been let off and continued as Chancellor.

All of this was told to me by Master Yoda. Anakin, you know what I say to be true, but do not admit it. You were there, you saw the bodies of Master Tiin, Master Fisto, Master Kolar. Darth Sidious murdered them. You know he had too much influence in the Senate and the Courts to be tried fairly.
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